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Is Your Video Green?

September 1, 2008

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Search the web, browse a magazine stand or watch any television these days and it is clear that Green is the new Black.  Even cooler than being green is finding creative ways to show off your greenness; is that a word?

If your company is truly committed to the cause, producing a video that shows your organization’s approach to environmental friendliness can go a long way toward influencing customers and prospects.  You might have voiced narration detailing your eco-friendly strategy with shots and images of your office’s recyclable materials or screen grabs of your paper and silicon software disc-free virtual office.  You might even consider including testimony from a local environmental protection expert commenting on the ways offices can be green with overlaid visuals of your office’s implementation.

Once your video is complete, be just as creative in seeking distribution opportunities. Streaming from your website is the obvious tactic but events present a great opportunity as well.  If your company sponsors or hosts an event, have the organizers play your eco-spot on the big screens.  Trust me, this will be a huge hit.

Do you have a green video?  Tell us how you use it.

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Helping Market GetGlow Could Help Your Business

August 6, 2008

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After stumbling upon a “request for marketing help” post at the Publicity Hound’s blog (Natural hair care Products Company needs publicity ideas) I decided to add my two cents. The inquiring company’s plea went something like, “We’ve gotten a fair amount of coverage in national magazines which you can see at but we need more people to find out about us…”  Below is my response to the folks over at Get Glow Products.  Perhaps my suggestions just might help your marketing plans as well.

… I suggest creating a series of short 2-3 minute videos where you show women how to manage common hair care problems, showcasing your products in the process. Once your videos are produced you might consider the following distribution options:

  1. YouTube:
    Millions of people now use YouTube videos to help them solve everyday problems from food recipes to household cleaning tips…why not haircare problems
  2. Your website:
    Upload your videos to a multi-episodic streaming environment like where you can easily feature all of your videos in a compact video player on your website and viewers can select from among all of your demos.
  3. Pitch the videos to beauty industry bloggers:
    Bloggers love “good” video content. See my blog post on this:
  4. Lobby Loops:
    Give the videos to salons to play as looped content in their waiting rooms.
  5. Evangelize:
    Create handheld versions of your videos for satisfied customers to download onto their multimedia capable smartphones and iPod devices. They will become walking commercials for you.
  6. Pitch your video to popular social networking site managers (myspace, etc.):
    You would be surprised at how much traffic some of these sites get and if you select sites that cater to your target audience, your videos will find a home.

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Win an Award? Don’t Make This Mistake!

July 11, 2008

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Successful companies are always winning impressive trade and community awards but all too often they neglect to use the award to market their organization. If there is a banquet associated with the award, professionally produced videos are often used to highlight each recipient.  I know because we produce such videos for professional and community clients on a regular basis. 

If added to your website or added to your sales kit as a DVD insert; your award vignette becomes a fully blown commercial that could cost you thousands of dollars to produce on your own.  What’s more, the credibility factor is much greater for an award vignette than a straight promotional video because it comes from a neutral third party who has seen fit to recognize you as something special among a large pool of similar businesses.  Below is a vignette we produced of Neighboring Concepts, a standout architectural design firm.  In addition to producing this video for the YMCA’s annual Martin Luther King awards banquet, we added the video to a website we are constructing for Neighboring Concepts.

[ ?posts_id=1073565&dest=-1]

The next “Business of the Year” award your firm receives be sure to get a copy of the vignette video and think through a strategy for broadcasting your vignette to your prospects. Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful.

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Working With Multi Channel Video Players (3-3)

June 6, 2008

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[splashcast OZFR6185DW]

In parts 1 and 2 of the series we covered multi-channel video players in some detail; what they are, video sharing sites that offer them and programming ideas to fill your player. Seeing a player in action is a logical next step. To satisfy your curiosity I am featuring an educational video series we created for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s annual procurement conference. The videos were created to prepare participating conference businesses to effectively pitch large firms. Once you start the video, mouse over the player and click the channel guide to access the program menu (see all video segments).

This video seminar illustrates how you can cut a longer video into digestible chunks or chapters more suitable for instruction over the web. As we learned in part 2, seminar content is only one of many possible uses for multi-channel video players; so explore the range of available players, choose your content and show us your web program.

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Working With Multi-Channel Video Players (1 of 3)

May 28, 2008

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As word spreads about the marketing power intrinsic in web video and web TV programming; more businesses are coming online with their own web videos, some compiling sizeable web video programming inventories.  What to do with all of these videos scattered about your site?

Multi episodic web video players allow you to consolidate your video inventory as program episodes into one single, compact player. Look at these players as your personal online cable or satellite TV interface. Now if that is not cool enough, these players feature simple but powerful content management tools allowing you to easily organize your web videos.  Finally consider that these tools offer additional features like real time viewing statistics, channel creation, viewer photo and video uploads, syndication and even advertising revenue opportunities.  Popular players include Splashcast, Brightcove and even YouTube enables this functionality through their shared player customization options.

I can almost see brows furrowing as some contemplate what mix of content to feature in their players. In the second installment of this series I will discuss several approaches to organizing your web video content in ways sure to engage your prospects and compel them to take action.  Until then, your homework is to review the various web player options in the market and tell us the one you would use and why? Okay, get to work!

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