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September 13, 2008

Every website owner and manager fantasizes about the day a flood of prospective customers hit Google researching product information and the site owner’s website site shows up in the top 5 search results.  This fantasy is soon crushed when the reality sets in that millions of other site owners accross the globe are also competing for that coveted spot in the search engine’s results.
One of the best ways to win search engine favor is to blog.  Blogs produce an abundance of a search engines favorite food, text. In addition, blog content updates can be distributed through RSS feeds (read definition) and if your feed is distributed through a service like Feedburner (see details), then search engines are notified of updates immediately vs the 4-6 weeks it normally takes for search engines to index your site in response to your direct request (more on indexing).  In short, a Feedburner enabled blog is exponentially more search engine sticky than a standard website, even if the site is tricked out with the latest rooty tooty fresh and fruity search engine optimization modifications.

Now if that blog of yours is integrated into your site vs operating as a stand alone entity, then your website proper can benefit from a traffic rush from Google searchers. The morale of this story is add a blog today so prospective customers can’t help but come your way.  That was a horrible rhyme but you get the point.

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Finding Keywords for Great SEO Results

June 23, 2008

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Last week Kristina posted on the importance of making your online press releases search engine friendly by including relevant keywords.  Now that Kristina helped us understand this fact, how do you identify suitable keywords?  Below is a list of online resources to help you identify good keywords for your online press releases, your website or for an online ad campaign. 

In your keyword recon, realize that to be found your keywords must strike a healthy balance between popularity and relevancy.  If the keyword(s) are used by too many people, it is unlikely that you will be able to compete for the coveted top search results.  If they are under the web browser’s radar, your keywords are unlikely to be used in a search query.

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool (click here):  This service is free and yields accurate results with drilldown into related keyword alternatives.
  2. WordTracker (click here): Probably the Cadillac of keyword research tools.  For this reason the service is a paid subscription based offering but it is worth the investment if you are serious about SEO.  Not only can you identify good kewords but score them based on popularity, ad performance and several other variables.
  3. Keyword Discovery (click here): A free but basic keyword identification tool that is a front end to sell more sophisticated SEO offerings.

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