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Entering The Social Media Groundswell

June 27, 2008

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The era of social media is in full swing with the growth of myspace communities, Twitter conversations, Ning sites and such.  The reasons individuals participate in online communities are pretty clear but how does a business navigate the fast changing maze of social media business development opportunity?  If you question why you should consider entering this world, I would say to you that many people (probably some of your prospects) are using the power of “one another” in online communities to make life and purchase decisions; so there is a persuasive argument for businesses to consider slowly entering the pool.
With their book Groundswell, Forrester research analysts Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff have made it easier for business owners and managers to make sound decisions in planning a social media strategy.  For my taste too much attention is given to case studies featuring large corporations but the decision making processes behind the strategies are applicable to businesses of any size.

Throughout the book Li and Bernoff stress the idea that a successful social media strategy involves first determining what you want to get from your social media effort (generate buzz, refine a product, obtain customer feedback, generate more business…) then selecting social media tools and tactics that match the behavioral profile of your target audience (groundswell technographics profile).  With this principle as a guide, the authors walk you through real world approaches to meeting just about any marketing goal.  In the video below Bernoff talks about what to consider when entering the groundswell.

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