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Is Your Video Green?

September 1, 2008

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Search the web, browse a magazine stand or watch any television these days and it is clear that Green is the new Black.  Even cooler than being green is finding creative ways to show off your greenness; is that a word?

If your company is truly committed to the cause, producing a video that shows your organization’s approach to environmental friendliness can go a long way toward influencing customers and prospects.  You might have voiced narration detailing your eco-friendly strategy with shots and images of your office’s recyclable materials or screen grabs of your paper and silicon software disc-free virtual office.  You might even consider including testimony from a local environmental protection expert commenting on the ways offices can be green with overlaid visuals of your office’s implementation.

Once your video is complete, be just as creative in seeking distribution opportunities. Streaming from your website is the obvious tactic but events present a great opportunity as well.  If your company sponsors or hosts an event, have the organizers play your eco-spot on the big screens.  Trust me, this will be a huge hit.

Do you have a green video?  Tell us how you use it.

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Are You Missing Out on a Marketing Opportunity?

August 18, 2008

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Does your website have an online newsroom?  See my recent post on the importance of having an online newsroom (Click Here).

If you do have a press section, does it feature any video content? 

An online newsroom is an essential part of any well outfitted business or non-profit website but many don’t think to include video.  Adding video to your newsroom can improve your organization’s media appeal by making it easier for reporters and prospecting bloggers to get an overview of your organization and in the case of bloggers; a good piece of media to enhance a blog post (promoting you in the process).

Below are several things to consider when adding video to your newsroom.

  1. Topics:  Consider several including company overview video, product or service announcements, b-roll footage to support TV newscasts, product demonstration videos and educational seminar videos broken up into smaller chunks (bloggers will like these segments).
  2. Length:  Keep your videos short (5 minutes max).
  3. Share:  Host your videos with one of the many video sharing sites (YouTube, Blip, Revver, etc) to enable reporters and bloggers to easily include your footage in their online stories. 

High res headshots and PR shots are important to include in your online press room but making good video available in addition will set you apart in the eyes of today’s content hungry media.

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The Secret to Ron Paul’s Video Success

August 13, 2008

A video with 1,545,434 YouTube views, the year’s fourth most popular entry on and what’s more the media is at least 10 months old at the time of this reporting. There is no doubt that Ron Paul’s New Hope video is a phenomenal marketing success and we business owners can learn from it. 

Ron Paul’s video found success in spite of violating established Internet marketing wisdom.  First, the video is roughly 8 minutes long.  Aren’t we viewers supposed to tune out after 60 seconds or so?  Second, Mr. Paul does not have a particularly strong online video channel like Barack Obama.  Finally Ron Paul’s website on its own is not the grass roots empowerment model that others, particularly Obama have built.

Why is this video so popular then?  Below is my assessment.  Take from it what you will and by all means feel free to share your own analysis.

  1. Social networking:  Mr. Paul and his handlers have raised his popularity on Facebook and MySpace to the point where he was elected the MySpace Presidential primary winner with similar success on Facebook polls.
  2. Grass roots connections:  The independently launched grassroots money bomb fundraising campaigns that resulted in the single largest fundraising day among all Republican candidates indicates his connection with the groundswell.

My belief is that Ron Paul’s strategic use of social media combined with his offline strategy to woo motivated evangelists, helped him tap a large group of supporters with creator/contributor propensities.  These are the types of people who create their own online communities, leave comments on blogs, and amplify the messages of those they support; all for the joy of simply being involved.

It is clear that in this new age of interactive media, the quality of your media alone is only one part of the success mix.  Know the customers, business associates, board members, etc. making up your fan base and meet them with marketing technologies they are most comfortable using.  Do this and your evangelists will enthusiastically carry your message to the four corners of your market.

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Helping Market GetGlow Could Help Your Business

August 6, 2008

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After stumbling upon a “request for marketing help” post at the Publicity Hound’s blog (Natural hair care Products Company needs publicity ideas) I decided to add my two cents. The inquiring company’s plea went something like, “We’ve gotten a fair amount of coverage in national magazines which you can see at but we need more people to find out about us…”  Below is my response to the folks over at Get Glow Products.  Perhaps my suggestions just might help your marketing plans as well.

… I suggest creating a series of short 2-3 minute videos where you show women how to manage common hair care problems, showcasing your products in the process. Once your videos are produced you might consider the following distribution options:

  1. YouTube:
    Millions of people now use YouTube videos to help them solve everyday problems from food recipes to household cleaning tips…why not haircare problems
  2. Your website:
    Upload your videos to a multi-episodic streaming environment like where you can easily feature all of your videos in a compact video player on your website and viewers can select from among all of your demos.
  3. Pitch the videos to beauty industry bloggers:
    Bloggers love “good” video content. See my blog post on this:
  4. Lobby Loops:
    Give the videos to salons to play as looped content in their waiting rooms.
  5. Evangelize:
    Create handheld versions of your videos for satisfied customers to download onto their multimedia capable smartphones and iPod devices. They will become walking commercials for you.
  6. Pitch your video to popular social networking site managers (myspace, etc.):
    You would be surprised at how much traffic some of these sites get and if you select sites that cater to your target audience, your videos will find a home.

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Turn a Bad Economy into Good Marketing

July 24, 2008

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A bad economy doesnt have to hurt your business

The combination of deteriorating financial markets, continued housing slumps and 4 dollar milk has people moving quickly to figure out how to cope. If you are a personal finance professional the downward slide could be a boon. All it takes is a little video in just the right place.
By producing an instructional video of your recession management strategies seminar you can influence your program attendees and potentially attract thousands to your menu of services. If you are new to seminar marketing, here is a good primer (Click Here). If you are a local Chamber member they will probably give you “free” meeting space and promote your seminar at no cost as a benefit to their members. From here consider distributing your seminar video using your website, YouTube, your blog, on the Chamber’s website, pitch your video to newspaper websites for exposure or even distribute it for profit.
Prospects are never more receptive to a message than at a time of a related crisis. People want and need your financial expertise, so give it to them.
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