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Win an Award? Don’t Make This Mistake!

July 11, 2008

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Successful companies are always winning impressive trade and community awards but all too often they neglect to use the award to market their organization. If there is a banquet associated with the award, professionally produced videos are often used to highlight each recipient.  I know because we produce such videos for professional and community clients on a regular basis. 

If added to your website or added to your sales kit as a DVD insert; your award vignette becomes a fully blown commercial that could cost you thousands of dollars to produce on your own.  What’s more, the credibility factor is much greater for an award vignette than a straight promotional video because it comes from a neutral third party who has seen fit to recognize you as something special among a large pool of similar businesses.  Below is a vignette we produced of Neighboring Concepts, a standout architectural design firm.  In addition to producing this video for the YMCA’s annual Martin Luther King awards banquet, we added the video to a website we are constructing for Neighboring Concepts.

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The next “Business of the Year” award your firm receives be sure to get a copy of the vignette video and think through a strategy for broadcasting your vignette to your prospects. Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful.

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Want to Reach Your Audience? Follow These Ladies

April 2, 2008
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The 2008 Charlotte Mecklenburg Womens SummitOn March 6th my company had the pleasure of providing video production services for a very significant local event, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Women’s Summit.  I have to tell you that it was incredible to see so many gifted, empowered, capable and committed women coming together to advance the condition of Charlotte-area women.

If you are hosting an event, serve on a planning committee or you are a volunteer take notes on the video strategy Summit organizers formulated.  The planning committee realized that participants in this day-long event would need a motivator to get them immediately engaged in the coming flurry of activity and a strong introductory video was their tool of choice (watch video below).  

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The video hit the mark as planners focused on presenting just a few discussion points in a way that were sure to resonate with their audience (attendees, prospective sponsors and evangelists).  From here a diverse mix of women representing different perspectives drove the story home.
In addition to making a splash at the event, Summit organizers now have a communications tool that can continue working for them.  Summit leaders might consider using their video in the following ways:

  1. Add the video to the Summit website
  2. Play the video as an intro to group presentations
  3. Start an awareness campaign by asking supporters to forward the video link to people in their respective contact sphere
  4. Include the video with future sponsorship request packages
  5. Enable evangelists by making the video available for download to portable devices (phones and iPODs)
  6. Upload the video to YouTube and other social media websites

Use the comments link below to add your tips for the Summit organizers.

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Turn Event Sponsorship to Gold!

December 15, 2007

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Maximize your sponsorship opportunities with videoIf you have attended a corporate Gala or related event, chances are you have seen the event sponsor logos on the projection screens. Having provided event multimedia support for hundreds of events, I can tell you that a moving video on the screen tells a more compelling story and commands more attention than a static company logo alone. 

If your firm is an event sponsor, what opportunities do you have to display your marketing video on the big screens?  First, you need to make friends in advance with the event planner.  This is usually the person driving most of the content decisions including media.

If the event is an awards ceremony, consider sponsoring all or a portion of the awards. In return, ask that your 15 second or so video plays during some portion of the awards presentations (ex. XYZ corporation brings you the Zoobie Awards and your 15 second spot rolls). In addition to showing up on screen, your media can be included in any DVD or web video transcript of the program, significantly expanding your viewing audience.

Many event coordinators place media screens in reception areas and your promotional video could play here as well. Your rarely see sponsor videos in the reception area because the company representative simply does not ask to be featured.

If the event is not awards related you might pitch having your video play at the beginning or end of the event. Again, the key to getting these valuable spots it to simply ask and engage a friendly negotiation from here. It amazes me that few people ever make the ask, limit their exposure to a logo on a screen which few people remember.

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Turn Your Event Into a Web TV Show

September 25, 2007

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Charlotte Post Best AwardsGerald Johnson, Publisher of the Charlotte Post knows a bit about putting on an entertaining event.  His annual “Best” Awards Gala brings together 500 to 700 people to honor local community leaders and outstanding students. While his attendance numbers are pretty good, he (and you) can exponentially increase your event exposure by turning the event into a web TV show.

Using technology from SplashCast, Brightcove and others; you can compile video clips from the best segments of your event and broadcast them in a single web video player with each segment comprising a different episode.  If you attract the right people to your video show, viewership can easily spread virally.  Below are some viral video suggestions:

  1. Send an email notification to all event attendees (ask each one to invite 2-3 other viewers)
  2. Notify the award recipients and ask them to invite friends/family
  3. Notify your sponsors and have them spread the word throughout the organization
  4. Place banner ads around the player and have your advertisers invite viewers
  5. Notify the press.  They may point to the stream from their website or if you are savvy, you can give them the code to embed the video show into a page on their website (with a link back to you)
  6. We would like to “hear” your ideas (list them in the comments section below)

Bottom line, this is the Internet age. Don’t limit your event activities to “day-of”, offline activity.  Go online and go viral!

Watch The  Charlotte Post Award Web Show
[splashcast RPFB6887UK]
*MOUSE OVER player to access the CHANNEL GUIDE (screen: top, left)

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Commemorate Well to Make Your Events POP!

September 24, 2007

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Use commemorative video properly for event success!Showcasing a commemorative video of your event’s honoree(s) is great way to maintain the attention of your event audience.  If done well, commemorative video holds attention, keeps the audience engaged in the event, minimizes the rush of people leaving during dead spots and reduces the length of honoree addresses (what else can they say after a good video overview but thank you).

Harvey Gantt, Charlotte North Carolina’s former Mayor was the subject of a commemorative video I produced for the Charlotte Post newspaper’s annual “Best Awards” Gala.  It was a clear pleasure to drive this production because Mr. Gantt is a political, business and community giant who after all of his struggles and successes; still cares about people. 

Watch the salute to Mr. Gantt below

[ ?posts_id=399359&dest=-1]

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