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Chamber Loves Broadcast Charlotte

October 19, 2007

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Charlotte Chamber Ventures MagazineOur small business streaming video Channel, Broadcast Charlotte was recently featured in the Charlotte Chamber’s Ventures newsletter. The Ventures article discusses our Chamber 101 segment created to teach Chamber members how to make the most of their Chamber memberships.

Chamber 101 came about after listening to so many of my clients talk about the lack of value in their membership.  In many cases I found people made the mistake of putting all of their eggs in the networking basket and not taking advantage of the Chamber’s other programs (research, consulting, board participation, etc.).  In short, they did not have a strategy.

Focusing solely on passing out cards at networking functions is doomed to fail.  Consider that at networking events you have no idea who the meeting attendees are (no ability to target), you can only talk to a small number of people during each meeting and it’s very labor intensive (inefficient).  On the contrary, I am not saying professional networking is bad; but if this is your only Chamber tactic, you will surely fail in your attempt to market your business.  You would do much better if you delivered a free seminar to the same audience.  This way you get the attention of everyone in the room and position yourself as an expert in their eyes.  Now this is a successful tactic.

I won’t beat a dead horse.  Visit Chamber 101 on Broadcast Charlotte and learn for yourself.

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Web Project Featured in Business Journal

September 1, 2007

Merts Website Business Journal Feature

Merts Heart and Soul a well know Charlotte, NC eatery was recently featured in the Charlotte Business Journal for a web development and video project Eastonsweb launched for them some weeks ago.  The Mert’s campaign iullustrates owner James Bazzelle’s productive use of online (web/video) and offline marketing tools (Public Relations in this case). I should mention that his skilled marketing consultant, Kristina Hill was the campaign architect.

The majority of people experiencing the campaign were likely hit at least three times by the Mert’s message.  Frist by viewing the BJ article, then by visiting the website and third by engaging the video. To be effective prospects must see your message multiple times before they take action (more about this rule). 

The use of the website was an obvious tactic but coupling the site with a company history video and a pr campaign generated site traffic, general awareness and credibility.  The Business Journal published the story in several regional affiliate publications which means visitors to Charlotte from the respective affiliate markets might consider Merts a dining destination…Good Show Merts!

Below is the video we developed for the site.

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Broadcast Charlotte Soft Launch

August 20, 2007

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Streaming video of small business events and educational content.This morning Eastonsweb Multimedia soft launched Broadcast Charlotte a streaming video business information portal intended to showcase local small business events and provide business educational content.  This preliminary release features coverage of several local business events and Chamber 101, a program desiged to show business owners how to make the Chamber work (beyond passing out business cards at networking events).

While much of the event coverage is local, in many cases the educational content will  have universal application.  I will be posting program updates as we launch new content over the next 2 weeks.

Click to Watch the Program Below:
Mouse Over the Video for Program Guide
[splashcast WFYU8746AA]

My motivation for launching the channel has been a continued frustration with the lack of coverage in the mainstrem media (specifically local media) of small business events and educational content.  I am certainly not upset with traditional media, as the economics require a hit-driven solution where only big companies, big personalities and big interests are served. If I had their expense burden I would do the same thing.

Because I do not have such a burden I am focusing attention on the little guy, you. The plan is to deliver a menu of content that helps put money in the pockets of small business (event coverage, Chamber tips/strategies, dressing for success, pitching the media and successful entrepreneur insights).

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Launching Biz Service: Need Your Help

July 25, 2007

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Broadcast Charlotte website mock upAs a result of frustration I and other entrepreneurs have experienced with the lack of small business coverage in my local media (Charlotte, NC), I decided to launch a video portal covering local small business events (grand openings, chamber events, educational seminars, interviews with local business leaders, etc).  This will be a no-cost citizen-news service for local small business that can dramatically expand the audience for their events.

I am finalizing the website (click to view) and I would like to humbly ask for ideas from my talented pool of blog readers (that’s you).  The videos you will see are placeholders until we are ready to lauch, at which time the real video content will be added.  I am looking for the following input:

  1. What small business events might appeal to you? Don’t worry if you are not in Charlotte, most markets have similar event types.
  2. How to get media attention?
  3. Creative ways to market and promote the service
  4. Other thoughts you might have

I would like to heartedly thank you in advance for any pre-launch advice and input you might offer.  Please submit your input as comments below.

Eastonsweb Wins 3rd Award in 2 Years

June 21, 2007

YMCA TellyOn Monday, June 18th I was notified that my company, Eastonsweb Multimedia was awarded a prestigeous Telly Award for excellence in film and video production.  This marks the third such award we have received over the past two years and I am very excited.

This years Telly was awarded for a production documenting the history of Charlotte’s McCrorey Branch YMCA (Watch Video Below).  Having grown up in Chicago’s YMCA system and knowing the importance of this institution to surrounding communities, I had a special affinity for this project.

The Y team approached me with the idea of producing a historical video for the branch’s 70th anniversary celebration.  The team had a small budget so when I presented the pricing section of my proposal I did not think we would land the job.  As part of my presentation, I showed a previous Telly Award winning video of the Excelsior Club, another Charlotte institution, I stressed that if the team bought into my proposal we could do the same for them with all the benefits that accrue to award winning productions (great PR, exposure, an exceptional marketing/sponsorship tool, satisfied board members and well entertained event attendees).

My sales experience with the Y planning team above is significant because we are often faced with prospective clients new to the video production process and understandably micro-focued on price, not factoring in the benefits side of the decision making equation.  I am glad to see that the Y team was able to stretch their thinking and invest in a tool that generated immediate benefit and will continue to do so in the years to come.

In addition to helping the Y, I am excited about the award because it really is prestigeous.  Entrants are judged along side such industry fixtures as Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios, NBC, ABC, CBS, BET, Booz Allen Hamilton, Court TV, Cox Communications, E!, Spike TV, Universal Studios Hollywood, and other worthy entrants.

Watch the McCrorey YMCA Video Below:

[ ?posts_id=280458&dest=-1]

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