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Our Blog Has Grown Up and Moved

May 2, 2009

…but not far away.  

To all visitors of the Eastonsweb blog.  We have set up stakes in another neighborhood.  We have added the blog to our new website.

We will be delivering even more commentary to help you blow the doors off your customer building strategies.

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September 13, 2008

Every website owner and manager fantasizes about the day a flood of prospective customers hit Google researching product information and the site owner’s website site shows up in the top 5 search results.  This fantasy is soon crushed when the reality sets in that millions of other site owners accross the globe are also competing for that coveted spot in the search engine’s results.
One of the best ways to win search engine favor is to blog.  Blogs produce an abundance of a search engines favorite food, text. In addition, blog content updates can be distributed through RSS feeds (read definition) and if your feed is distributed through a service like Feedburner (see details), then search engines are notified of updates immediately vs the 4-6 weeks it normally takes for search engines to index your site in response to your direct request (more on indexing).  In short, a Feedburner enabled blog is exponentially more search engine sticky than a standard website, even if the site is tricked out with the latest rooty tooty fresh and fruity search engine optimization modifications.

Now if that blog of yours is integrated into your site vs operating as a stand alone entity, then your website proper can benefit from a traffic rush from Google searchers. The morale of this story is add a blog today so prospective customers can’t help but come your way.  That was a horrible rhyme but you get the point.

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Google Apps: Doing More With Less

September 3, 2008

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I swear Google with its rapid release of applications is moving to be the next Microsoft.  In it’s march to take over the online world a couple of years ago the company built upon it’s email service, GMail adding Google Calendar, Talk, Google Docs and Google Sites into an office application suite that Microsoft’s software-based model simply cannot compete with.

In addition to domain-branded email (, in under an hour a small business can deploy word processing, spreadsheet creation, powerpoint-style presentations and website creation for corporate Intranets or related use all at no cost. That’s right, for free you can enable a global organization of up to 100 employees, contractors, business partners with just about every electronic office tool they will need to contribute to your organization’s output.  Create templated company communications, collaborate on documents in real time, remotely update projects and more from any connected PC. Did I say you don’t have to worry about software upgrades? 

Google Apps Quick Tour

My virtual office is powered by Google Apps and I push my web clients to consider this very powerful toolset.  Just curious, how are you using Google Apps?

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Is Your Video Green?

September 1, 2008

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Search the web, browse a magazine stand or watch any television these days and it is clear that Green is the new Black.  Even cooler than being green is finding creative ways to show off your greenness; is that a word?

If your company is truly committed to the cause, producing a video that shows your organization’s approach to environmental friendliness can go a long way toward influencing customers and prospects.  You might have voiced narration detailing your eco-friendly strategy with shots and images of your office’s recyclable materials or screen grabs of your paper and silicon software disc-free virtual office.  You might even consider including testimony from a local environmental protection expert commenting on the ways offices can be green with overlaid visuals of your office’s implementation.

Once your video is complete, be just as creative in seeking distribution opportunities. Streaming from your website is the obvious tactic but events present a great opportunity as well.  If your company sponsors or hosts an event, have the organizers play your eco-spot on the big screens.  Trust me, this will be a huge hit.

Do you have a green video?  Tell us how you use it.

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The Perfect Website Add On

August 20, 2008

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A friend recently asked me to suggest an online file hosting service and I thought why not share my suggestion and reasoning with you as well.  I can see your face forming a frown as you think to yourself, “what is this guy talking about and why should I care.”
Well, online file storage allows you to save and make available large files that might otherwise be impractical to store on your website. Storing these files on your website can quickly eat up your website hosting account’s storage allowance.  Add high resolution photos of you and your management team for the media to easily download.  If you blog like I do, online storage is a great place to host blog post images and files for readers to download.  You can also store and stream multimedia files including video and flash from your account. All of this and more is available without the need for expensive IT staff and confusing file transfer servers (FTP).
Now that we are on the same page about the value of online file storage services why is my choice, a good option? Here is the rationale I shared with my friend: 

  1. You can store a wide variety of files photos, video, documents, etc. 
  2. There is no bandwidth limit which is important if streaming hungry video and audio files. 
  3. You can enable rss feeds for files and folders notifying customers, clients or visitors of additions or changes. 
  4. Enable document collaboration so people you designate can modify shared documents.
  5. Box also offers a host of neat web widgets that allow you to seemlessly merge some of the service’s capbilites with your website.
  6. The cost is quite reasonable.

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