Are You Missing Out on a Marketing Opportunity?


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Does your website have an online newsroom?  See my recent post on the importance of having an online newsroom (Click Here).

If you do have a press section, does it feature any video content? 

An online newsroom is an essential part of any well outfitted business or non-profit website but many don’t think to include video.  Adding video to your newsroom can improve your organization’s media appeal by making it easier for reporters and prospecting bloggers to get an overview of your organization and in the case of bloggers; a good piece of media to enhance a blog post (promoting you in the process).

Below are several things to consider when adding video to your newsroom.

  1. Topics:  Consider several including company overview video, product or service announcements, b-roll footage to support TV newscasts, product demonstration videos and educational seminar videos broken up into smaller chunks (bloggers will like these segments).
  2. Length:  Keep your videos short (5 minutes max).
  3. Share:  Host your videos with one of the many video sharing sites (YouTube, Blip, Revver, etc) to enable reporters and bloggers to easily include your footage in their online stories. 

High res headshots and PR shots are important to include in your online press room but making good video available in addition will set you apart in the eyes of today’s content hungry media.

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