The Secret to Ron Paul’s Video Success


A video with 1,545,434 YouTube views, the year’s fourth most popular entry on and what’s more the media is at least 10 months old at the time of this reporting. There is no doubt that Ron Paul’s New Hope video is a phenomenal marketing success and we business owners can learn from it. 

Ron Paul’s video found success in spite of violating established Internet marketing wisdom.  First, the video is roughly 8 minutes long.  Aren’t we viewers supposed to tune out after 60 seconds or so?  Second, Mr. Paul does not have a particularly strong online video channel like Barack Obama.  Finally Ron Paul’s website on its own is not the grass roots empowerment model that others, particularly Obama have built.

Why is this video so popular then?  Below is my assessment.  Take from it what you will and by all means feel free to share your own analysis.

  1. Social networking:  Mr. Paul and his handlers have raised his popularity on Facebook and MySpace to the point where he was elected the MySpace Presidential primary winner with similar success on Facebook polls.
  2. Grass roots connections:  The independently launched grassroots money bomb fundraising campaigns that resulted in the single largest fundraising day among all Republican candidates indicates his connection with the groundswell.

My belief is that Ron Paul’s strategic use of social media combined with his offline strategy to woo motivated evangelists, helped him tap a large group of supporters with creator/contributor propensities.  These are the types of people who create their own online communities, leave comments on blogs, and amplify the messages of those they support; all for the joy of simply being involved.

It is clear that in this new age of interactive media, the quality of your media alone is only one part of the success mix.  Know the customers, business associates, board members, etc. making up your fan base and meet them with marketing technologies they are most comfortable using.  Do this and your evangelists will enthusiastically carry your message to the four corners of your market.

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