This Weeks Web Marketing Roundup


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As website developers I and my staff are frequently asked how to better market the websites we create.  Below are some great resources to get some of the basics and to stay on top of new web marketing trends.

Web Marketing Today (Click Here):
This site is filled with a lot of very sound advice and the publishers are great at evaluating new trends.  With so much information it can be a bit difficult to navigate but the time spent getting familiar with the site’s content will pay dividends.

ClickZ Small Business: (Click Here):
While this site is primarily targeted toward managers within large firms, many of the principles are applicable to small businesses as well.  I took the liberty of pointing you to some of the small business focused content.

Duct Tape Marketing: (Click Here):
John Jantsch is a master online and offline marketer.  Following his insights and subscribing to his blog, you are sure to walk away with something usable with each read.

The Blog Squad (Click Here):
If you are not already blogging or using social media to grow your small business, here is the place to learn how to do it right.  I just picked up a great tip on feeding blog content through Twitter.

Pronet Advertising (Click Here):
Social media has emerged as an effective and inexpensive opportunity for business owners to participate in the groundswell by building relationships with prospective customers who might purchase products and evangelize your business to others.  At Pronet follow Neil Patel’s personal experience in online marketing and you just might learn something.

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