Turn a Bad Economy into Good Marketing


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A bad economy doesnt have to hurt your business

The combination of deteriorating financial markets, continued housing slumps and 4 dollar milk has people moving quickly to figure out how to cope. If you are a personal finance professional the downward slide could be a boon. All it takes is a little video in just the right place.
By producing an instructional video of your recession management strategies seminar you can influence your program attendees and potentially attract thousands to your menu of services. If you are new to seminar marketing, here is a good primer (Click Here). If you are a local Chamber member they will probably give you “free” meeting space and promote your seminar at no cost as a benefit to their members. From here consider distributing your seminar video using your website, YouTube, your blog, on the Chamber’s website, pitch your video to newspaper websites for exposure or even distribute it for profit.
Prospects are never more receptive to a message than at a time of a related crisis. People want and need your financial expertise, so give it to them.
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4 Responses to “Turn a Bad Economy into Good Marketing”

  1. m2mission Says:

    There is no better time to go on the offensive. As usual, your information is on point and informative. You have expanded my thinking about content distribution and given some tactical steps to pursue.

    Thank you.

  2. John Easton Says:

    I am glad that you find our information useful. The goal is to bring new ideas or a fresh perspective to exiting ones and at least we are hitting the mark with one of our visitors.


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