Win an Award? Don’t Make This Mistake!


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Successful companies are always winning impressive trade and community awards but all too often they neglect to use the award to market their organization. If there is a banquet associated with the award, professionally produced videos are often used to highlight each recipient.  I know because we produce such videos for professional and community clients on a regular basis. 

If added to your website or added to your sales kit as a DVD insert; your award vignette becomes a fully blown commercial that could cost you thousands of dollars to produce on your own.  What’s more, the credibility factor is much greater for an award vignette than a straight promotional video because it comes from a neutral third party who has seen fit to recognize you as something special among a large pool of similar businesses.  Below is a vignette we produced of Neighboring Concepts, a standout architectural design firm.  In addition to producing this video for the YMCA’s annual Martin Luther King awards banquet, we added the video to a website we are constructing for Neighboring Concepts.

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The next “Business of the Year” award your firm receives be sure to get a copy of the vignette video and think through a strategy for broadcasting your vignette to your prospects. Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful.

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