Go DIY or Pro With Your Video


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In my line of work I often come across people contemplating creating their own video vs. hiring a professional producer.  Which option is the best?  Well, either one  depending on your goal and your eagerness.

If brand and image are central to your project (commercial for Television or your website) then by all means employ a capable professional production company that understands marketing communications.  If your project demands less attention to your company’s professional image (blog commentary or a quick product training blurb) then if you have some underlying talent and the enthusiasm to labor through what can be a considerable learning curve, DIY could work.

The mistake most make is trying to replicate the example of someone they have seen create a great YouTube spot without realizing the skills and experience that person brought to the table.  Your example do-it-yourself producer might say that it’s simple; right, simple for them but perhaps not for you. What I have found is that most who do well with DIY video are enthusiasts.

For the enthusiast playing with cameras and editing software is fun, so much so that they are willing to learn what white balance is, how to compose a scene, how to set external microphones as well as the many buttons and doohickeys driving an editing console. If video enthusiast is not your calling, I suggest enlisting the assistance of a pro.  You might not want to pay but what is the cost of your time and frustration only to create a tool that is unlikely to yield the intended result.

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