Online Networking the FastPitch Way!


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Unless you have been hanging out on Google Alerts web news monitoring service, FastPitch! Networking probably sounds like a group of ex baseball players turned tech consultants.  In reality FastPitch! is a web 2.0 enabled, social networking site that among other things matches business owners with online networking partners based on compatible industry profiles to share leads and collaborate.
This day Bill Jula, the FastPitch! Networking CEO and founder is “here” to deliver the kung-fu on effectively networking in the FastPitch! space.  Even if you are not a member, Bill’s kung-fu might just work in any online community.  Before you ask, I do have a FastPitch! profile (click here).  Read on Grasshopper.

[Q]: What are some of the tactics you have seen your best members use to grow their business through the FastPitch! network?

[Bill]: Members who make Fast Pitch! a regular part of their work week tend to benefit the most from the network.  These are typically people who regularly log-in and make connections with new people AND add new content to their profile such as press releases, blog articles, pictures, etc… Active members tend to receive preferred ranking throughout the network and therefore receive maximum visibility and ultimately have more people reaching out to them with new opportunities.

[Q]: Beyond simply featuring a video, what should be included in a good FastPitch! member profile video (testimonials, special offer, information to educate networking partners, etc)?

[Bill]: First of all, I wouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to one video.  As a Premium Member you are able to add multiple links to your profile – which means you can link to multiple videos. 

If you were to add just one video, my suggestion would be to create at the very least, a 1-2 minute video ‘pitch’ whereby you introduce yourself and make clear what you have to offer and what makes your company better (competitive advantage).  You should also consider embedding this video into your profile.  Each time someone visits your profile, they will be greeted with your video.

Additional videos might include:  product demonstrations, tours of your office, customer testimonials, etc… 

[Q]: What features are you planning for upcoming releases of the FastPitch! infrastructure?

[Bill]: We typically don’t discuss upcoming features until we launch them… however, at a high level I can tell you that we’ll be doing more and more with mobile applications in the coming years.  Location based networking using mobile phones is something that overtime will become more accepted (i.e. receiving alerts when people in your network are nearby AND/OR when someone who is looking to buy what you have to sell, etc…). 

There are also many cosmetic changes we will be making to the site overtime, as we continue to grow and add more features.

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FastPitch! or other online networker, share your online networking tips with us (click to comment).

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3 Responses to “Online Networking the FastPitch Way!”

  1. Trina Hoefling Says:

    This is the easiest “start” and most welcoming, current use of web 2.0 on the social networking sites to date. You’ve set a high standard for yourselves! Thanks, Trina Hoefling

  2. John Easton Says:


    Thank you for your input. I am sure the FastPitch! folks will appreciate your enthusiasm.

    Just curious, how do you think they can make the service better?


  3. Trina Hoefling Says:

    I believe many of us have been networking online for years – Ryze, early days of Linked In… some of us not with the goal of the most friends, but to connect with like minds or seek complementary competencies. I’m an early adopter from the “older generation” that didn’t grow up on gaming. I don’t “catch on” to the technical how to’s as easily as the younger set, though I can learn them easily when explained and shown.
    Anything that tutorials visually and pragmatically how to get the right plug ins, know what the different RSS feeds will – and won’t – do, etcetera. How to do a videoblog; I would love to but the earlier software were a little intimidating. Newer versions may be much easier, but I haven’t stepped into the ring yet. Would love to, though!

    Too much of an answer?

    I and lots of others write and speak about how to really build relationships, not just accumulated numbers of friends, online and all networking. I don’t need that, but others well may.

    Thanks for asking! trina

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