Working With Multi Channel Video Players (3-3)


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[splashcast OZFR6185DW]

In parts 1 and 2 of the series we covered multi-channel video players in some detail; what they are, video sharing sites that offer them and programming ideas to fill your player. Seeing a player in action is a logical next step. To satisfy your curiosity I am featuring an educational video series we created for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s annual procurement conference. The videos were created to prepare participating conference businesses to effectively pitch large firms. Once you start the video, mouse over the player and click the channel guide to access the program menu (see all video segments).

This video seminar illustrates how you can cut a longer video into digestible chunks or chapters more suitable for instruction over the web. As we learned in part 2, seminar content is only one of many possible uses for multi-channel video players; so explore the range of available players, choose your content and show us your web program.

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