Working With Multi Channel Video Players (2-3)


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Now that you have selected a video player (see part 1 for reference), what content should you webcast?  While your first instinct might be to turn on that web cam connected to your PC’s monitor, I would caution against doing a series of taking head videos where you go on about random topics with your office bookshelves as a backdrop.

Video is a visual medium and should be used for more show and less tell, at least strike a healthy balance.  Be mobile, get out of your seat and show your audience what you are talking about. Below are a few programming items to consider.

Product Demonstrations:
Just seening how easy it is to clean up that juicer or how your iron’s steam burst easily knocks out wrinkles is just the push a would be customer might need to give you a call or place an order.

A personal favorite of mine, multi-episodic players allow you to feature a number of customer testimonials conveniently within a single interface.  Organize the testimonials by product, project, or head off potentially hessitant customers by presenting tesimonials that speak to common objections.

Take that long 30 or 60 minute educational seminar and chop it up into several shorter chunks.  Few people will watch a 30 minute program online but they will watch bite sized chunks and you can include a few short ads in each segment to promote specific products or services.

Case Study Interviews:
Use your new player to feature interviews with customers or clients who have successfully used your products or services.  Be sure to get some footage of the product in action.  Not only is this a good way to influence prospects but it is a means to deepen relationships with existing clients by providing the customer or client with some welcome exposure.

Now that you have your player and a few content ideas, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get to work!

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3 Responses to “Working With Multi Channel Video Players (2-3)”

  1. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound Says:

    John, your ideas are great. I particularly like the idea about testimonials. You referred to “multi-episodic players.” Can you explain what those are? Is it a type of camera?

  2. John Easton Says:


    I am glad you are able to use the information we present. Multi-episodic or multi-channel video players allow you to publish and watch multiple videos within a single player much like your cable channel guide. These players typically feature a main video window where the selected video plays and a channel guide where you can select other videos.

    Instead of having to post multiple videos to various parts of your site, you can publish your entire inventory to a single player/location allowing your visitors to select the video they want to see from one location using the channel guide.

    Have I confused you enough?


  3. Working With Multi Channel Video Players (3-3) « The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Says:

    […] The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Helping businesses attract and keep the best customers. « Working With Multi Channel Video Players (2-3) […]

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