If You Don’t Do PR Video Now, You’ll hate Yourself Later


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30 minutes ago I appeared on a teleseminar with Internet PR phenomenon, Joan Stewart where I covered 9 Clever Ways to Use Video to Become a Publicity Darling in your Industry or Community and let me tell you I am even more psyched about the opportunity to use video to get the media to cover you.  The speed of Joan’s questions, audience queries and the general energy of the seminar did not allow time for me to share some “horse’s mouth” input I received from a local print publisher on this subject, so I will share the Q and A here.  

 The reality is that print publications are trying hard to determine how to remain relevant in world where people are flipping through less paper in their media consumption and web video is the publisher’s tool of choice.  Gerald Johnson, Publisher of the Charlotte Post Newspaper weighs in with his opinions.

Q:  Would your publication feature web video content produced by local citizens if it was of acceptable quality (video and audio) and directly spoke to the interests of your consumers?

Gerald:  Yes. We look at it as being paramount to “letters to the editor”. It is a great way to expand your audience and your community reach.

Q:  What should business owners consider to successfully pitch video stories to the Charlotte Post?

Gerald:  It is important to:

  1. Have knowledge about the current demographics of the publication.
  2. Know who we are targeting to expand our current reach.
  3. Get an understanding of our corporate and editorial culture.
  4. Pitch us on how your video stories fit who we are and where we going (1, 2, & 3)

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