Embrace Your Citizen Marketers


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I am always amazed at the smart things business owners won’t do.  YouTube videos, blogs and today’s many social media tools have given rise to a torrent of content; some of which sings the praises of or at least features popular (and not so commonly known) products and services.  Let me be firm here, if your product or service is featured in any of these forms of media, embrace the opportunity. 

Below is crude, instructional video I quickly slammed together one Saturday to assist a friend that I purchased a fruit and vegetable juicer for (she needed help).  The guide features the Juiceman II juicer. Why hasn’t the manufacturer reached out to me? I am selling juicers for them, aren’t I?  Truth be told, I am better than a salesman because my video is real (no actors or scripts), not pitchy, my video sells 24 hours a day and to top it off I produced the video at no cost to the manufacturer.

Watch my Juicing 101 Video (Warning:  The acting stinks…)

[blip.tv ?posts_id=923057&dest=-1]

If you are lucky, your product placement in that YouTube video could be seen by thousands of would-be customers.  Even better the video could get embedded into a post on a popular blog where other bloggers might pick it up, spreading your business credibility like a typhoid contagion through their network.

If you are so fortunate as to have an evangelical citizen-marketer get stuck on you, here are some things you might consider to fan the flames:

  1. Reach out:  At a minimum, reach out to the citizen marketer and thank the person for featuring your product.
  2. Build on the relationship:  Remember the door swings both ways so send them some freebies, get them on your e-zine distribution list (you do have an e-zine, right?) or feature your new friend on your blog.
  3. Seek out evangelists:  Here is where you can beat the big boys.  Set up a Google alert or other web monitor to track mentions of your company in the news and on the web.  Big companies are too busy nursing old school marketing models to even consider such a thing.  Good for you, right?
  4. Integrate it:  Add the video or mention to a reserved media section on your website. 

Treat evangelist-generated content just as you would any mention in the broader media. Follow this strategy and you can build a network of empowered citizen marketers to represent you on a global scale. What are you waiting for?  Set up your Google alert now! Oh, pick up a copy of Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnel and Jackie Huba (there I go again, evangelizing).

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5 Responses to “Embrace Your Citizen Marketers”

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  5. Owen Lawson Says:

    This a great example of the Citizen Marketer at work. Watching the clip is both informative. It compels me to action on two fronts.

    Front #1 – It encourages me to seek my inner Evangelist…there is real power and leverage in this role. The clip is a great argument for seeking this new level empowerment.

    Front #2 – Jumping on a weekend juicing project with my family…After watching the clip, I think it would be a great learning project for my family. What is really interesting about this experience….There was no push on me to be a customer. Watching the video allowed me to develop my own value proposition about the benefits of juicing. I’ve connected those dots and now I’m ready to seek out juicing advice…I’ll look forward to receiving some guidance on picking up a juicer for the Fall Harvest season.

    This example resonates for me as an poignant representation of the Citizen Marketer.

    Thanks John

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