Whats in Your Wallet, I Mean Sales Kit?


Have you ever wondered what sales materials successful business owners and sales professionals take with them on sales calls?  As a multimedia professional, my sales kit includes some pretty unique and I must admit, cool items; so I thought to share the contents with you.

From the image above you can see that a branded pocket folder binds the majority of my kit.  Inside the binder I have a sales letter that briefly introduces the company.  Also in the kit are several sales one-sheet documents; one that recaps our awards and lists our more prominent press mentions. The second one-sheet is a tips document outlining several creative uses for whatever service I happen to be discussing that day (self managed websites, promotional videos, seminar videos, etc.).  The final kitted item is a business card sized CD-ROM containing a company promotional video and brochure copy detailing our mix of multimedia services.  As long as CD-ROMs have been around this little one always manages to produce a “wow” from prospects.

My final sales tool consists of an iPOD device containing a mix of promotional and client videos.  I have actually replaced the iPOD by featuring the same videos on my BlackBerry 8830 smartphone.  This little baby gets my prospects very excited, especially the phone; as most people never thought to use such a common device as a sales tool. 

Well, I have shown you my lucky charms.  What’s in your wallet?  Share with us your most commonly used sales tools, as well as thoughts on what works and what doesn’t (click to comment).

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