The Right Idea, The Right Time


I wrote an article for the May 2008 edition of Charlotte Magazine that features an event called SoulBowl Lounge that’s taking off in Charlotte and other cities across the country. The event was created by Virginia-resident Johnathan Mayo after he noticed a lack of social events for African American professionals.

Each SoulBowl Lounge features bowling, a soul food spread, cards, live music, and other activities. The event has caught fire since launching in 2007, attracting hundreds of people to each outing.

SoulBowl Lounge is proof that it only takes the right idea at the right time to catapult your business to another level among your customers – or an entirely new customer base.

Here are a few things to ponder as you work towards a “light bulb-moment” for your business:

  1. Is there a need in the marketplace for your target audience that’s not being met?
  2. Is there a product or service on the market that you can improve upon?
  3. Can you tweak an idea that didn’t previously work for your business and reintroduce it into the marketplace?
  4. Do you notice emerging trends that point to the need for a new product or service for a particular group?

Businesses are started or revitalized everyday because someone decided to move forward with the right idea, at the right time. Are you next?

About Kristina Hill

An expert in marketing communications, Kristina Hill provides integrated marketing consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses through MarComm Creative Group, LLC. The business offers an array of services, including: public relations and media relations; media planning and placement; integrated marketing plan development and execution; and article, website, advertising, editorial, and sponsorship writing.

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6 Responses to “The Right Idea, The Right Time”

  1. John Easton Says:

    Kristina, I think you hit on some very important points. On the idea of leveraging market trends, it would be great if you could talk about creative ways to monitor trends.

    One of the things I do to this end is to set up google alerts to monitor topics of interest. The alert sends a daily imail with website references matching my search keywords. Of course “marketing video” is one of my alerts.


  2. Kristina Says:


    Google Alerts is an awesome tool. I also use the service to monitor “buzz” in a number of areas, including news about my clients. Best of all, this is a FREE service.

    I’ll work on a follow-up to this blog post that shares other avenues to monitor market trends.

    Thanks for sharing,

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