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The last few weeks I have written a lot about creative ways to work with networking groups. No, this is not a lead in for a topic shift.  I want to continue by discussing an opportunity to turn your networking group member profile into a 24 hour referral generator by adding your company’s or your personal video.

After the home page of a networking group’s website, the member profiles are the most highly trafficked pages.  Existing members browse profiles to learn more about their referral partners and site visitors (your prospects) drop by to determine if your business can help them. By adding either a personal video or your company’s video commercial to your profile you can,

  1. Teach:  Show and tell your referral partners about the mix of products and services your business offers.  Your referral partners cannot sell your business within their contact spheres without a working knowledge of who you are and what you do.
  2. Stand out:  I can almost guarantee you that you will be the only company in your pod doing this.  Browse the Business Networking International (BNI) chapters right now and tell us how many of the summaries feature video…few to none I bet, so who do you think will be remembered?
  3. Communicate efficiently:  You can put a lot more information into a short 1 minute video than you could usefully add to a networking group website profile page (narration, visuals, music and text).
  4. Increase clickthroughs:  It is an established fact that web promotions that feature video have significantly higher clickthrough rates than those with text and images alone.  In order for you to get profile browsers into your sales cycle you will want them to clickthrough to links pointing to your company site, blog or newsletter and your video’s content will give them a reason.

Here is a link to my business profile for one of the networking groups I belong to (click here).  Is your company video featured on your networking group’s website?  Give us the link so we can watch it (add your link).

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