Want to Repel Customers? Sell Value!


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That’s right, I said it.  One sure way to hand prospective customers over to your competition is to go on in your web copy, your video production or your brochure about how valuable your product or service is.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret; value is not a benefit, it is assumed thus every business in your market has it.  If what you offer doesn’t have some intrinsic value, you should get out of the business immediately.  Pushing value is a little like promoting good looks at a beauty contest; it’s the price of admission.

Instead of touting your value; tell prospects how your car can save  thousands on gas, that your restaurant has award-winning lobster or your cell phone service supports the widest variety of the latest smartphones.  Let your competition own the value position and you will own the market share. 

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