5 Sure-Fire Ways to Extend Your Press Coverage


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One of my clients, Jeff Jimmo was recently featured on a Fox Charlotte news program as a mixed martial arts expert commenting on the wave of interest in the sport.  Yes, I talk a lot about Jeff and his crew over at Ryan Hoover’s Extreme Karate because they do a great job actively marketing their business which includes courting the press.  I want to share with you how Jeff, his associates and quite frankly you can get a lot of mileage out of any television coverage that comes your way.

Just in case you are not yet aware, press coverage is one of the best forms of exposure your business can receive.  It is not easy to get but once you do, media coverage can package your company’s story for thousands to see; it can add instant credibility to your business; coverage costs nothing (assuming you have not retained an agency to get it) and it has a long shelf life if you do what I suggest.  Once notified of Jeff’s Fox program appearance I immediately fired off an email instructing him on a few things he should think about doing to increase the impact and longevity of his media appearance.  Keep the suggestions below in mind should the television media consider covering your business.

  1. Immediately get a DVD copy of the final edited program:  Wait on this and your program is almost sure to be lost in a vast archive.
  2. Add the program video to your website:  Add the video to your website instead of linking to the network’s instance of the video, as it will only reside on the network’s server for a short time before being replaced by newer programming.  Remember the operative word in news, is “new”. You can simplify this task by uploading the video to a sharing site like Blip.tv which will render a good quality Flash Video (.flv) version of your media and provide you with a code snippet that is a simple as cut and paste, to add to your web page.
  3. Prominently feature the video:  Do not bury the video deep within your website where visitors are unlikely to find it.  This is a professionally produced marketing piece with a television network stamp on it that should be easily accessible preferably from your home page.
  4. Notify your evangelists:  Let the vocal few in your professional and personal networks know about the video’s existence and ask your evangelists to, well, evangelize by forwarding a link to others on their respective distribution lists.
  5. Pitch Bloggers and Social Media pools:  Let bloggers who cover your discipline know about the video.  You should know that bloggers reach out to networks of other bloggers making it possible for your story (if picked up) to spread throughout the blog network. Heck, give a popular blogger a short, informative blog post (200 words or so) that you feel the blogger’s audience could benefit from and include the embedded video code from your streaming service into the blog post content.  Don’t make your guest post an advertisement for you. Remember your demonstrated expertise and willingness to enhance the blogger’s community is advertisement enough. Make sure the content is exceedingly useful to the blogger’s audience.

If the press covers you, I guarantee following these tips will keep prospective customers and clients talking about your business.  Like that famous philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “that’s all I have to say about that.” How do you use your media coverage (click to comment)?

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