Marketing 911: Crisis Assistance Ministry


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The dedicated folks over at Crisis Assistance Ministry are looking for marketing suggestions to improve their ability to build awareness about the incredible program of work the agency provides in assisting people in financial crisis and helping them move toward self-sufficiency. Click the image above to watch a video on the Crisis Assistance Ministry need.

To date, the management team has been scraping by with meager marketing resources.  Using these limited resources the communications team has been able to build a functional website and printed a suite of collateral materials but they are looking for ideas in the areas of general marketing, public relations and new media to help them “get the word out”.

I suggest crafting a blogging strategy.  Through blogging, Crisis Assistance can draw more search engine traffic with keyword rich blog post copy, effectively capture and communicate success stories, profile staff, and bring influential people into the Crisis Assistance dialogue.

Enough with my long winded suggestion, the folks at Crisis Assistance would love to get your suggestions (click to comment).

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