A Little Known Secret for Chamber Success


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Making your chamber of commerce work for youI am sure many of you are chamber members or members of trade and professional organizations.  As a member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce I am frequently asked, “does the Chamber work for you?” Because I know a secret most don’t, I usually surprise my discussion partner with an enthusiastic, “Oh yes!”

Professional business groups, Chambers in particular love to host educational seminars and if you deliver your seminar as a web video the Chamber will feature the video on their website positioning you as an expert in the minds of thousands of prospective customers.  What’s even better, the Chamber will promote your seminar for free, wow!

Now why would the Chamber do all of this at no cost (free facility, free web feature and free marketing); just two words, member value.  The Chamber only functions when it has members and members only stay when they realize some value for their involvement. Believe me, information that can help a business grow is quite valuable.

Because you are not charging the Chamber for this service (that’s right, you “give” this away), don’t forget to include a return link to your site and a quick 30 second or less ad for your business at the front or end of the video. Ok, now that you know my secret; find your local video pro, schedule your seminar with your Chamber and watch as site visits increase, newsletter subscriptions rise and new leads emerge.  If you want an example, watch my business networking video on the Charlotte Chamber’s website (click to watch).

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