Place is Everything! Entice Prospects Like These MMA Experts


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You have probably seen or heard of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, mixed martial arts or some of the other names martial arts go by these days.  Well my good friend and mixed martial arts expert Ryan Hoover over at Ryan Hoover’s Extreme Karate, a mixed martial arts academy is one of the savviest marketers I have come across and I want to share with you a strategy Ryan uses to create  “buy-me-now” opportunities anywhere his team set’s up shop.

Ryan had us insert some great testimonials to expand a 30 second television spot into a 2 minute promotional video that his team plays wherever they appear.  Ryan and the boys (ladies too) recently showed up at their local theater (video in hand) for the premiere of The Forbidden Kingdom where they engaged martial arts enthusiasts with their video display and walked away with a fistful of new registrations.  The video also plays as a loop in their studio lobby, consistantly delivering the Ryan Hoover Extreme Karate experience to prospective customers who happen by. 


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Ryan’s strategy can be used anyplace a business has a presence; in the lobby, at a trade show, as part of a public speaking engagement, even as a kiosk at a partner location.  The beauty of Ryan’s strategy is that the more he shows his video, the lower his cost per impression (view).  Try to realize the same with television advertising and you are in for a rude awakening.

I am sure Ryan would appreciate your thoughts on other ways he might use his video (click to add your comment).

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2 Responses to “Place is Everything! Entice Prospects Like These MMA Experts”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Publishing your videos to Google Video with a video sitemap file for your website will help your video be found by more organic methods.

    DreamWorld Studios

  2. John Easton Says:


    YouTube tagging is a great suggestion and one most people new to streaming video distribution simply don’t think of. Thank you so much for your contribution to the discussion. I am sure Ryan and the boys (and girls) will appreciate your input.


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