5 Secrets to Producing a Great Web TV Show


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Produce your own web tv showWith low barriers to entry and great economics, who wouldn’t want their own web TV show. For savvy entrepreneurs a web TV show can be a great way to educate or entertain your way to new business. 

Initially, the idea of having your own web program could seem simple but there is more to it than you might expect.  I suggest hiring a professional crew to shoot and edit your programs.  If you are a smaller organization on a tight budget consider partnering with a local production outfit in a barter relationship where you offer your partner the opportunity to advertise their services within your video programming.  Doing it yourself should be left to those who have a knack for and strong interest in the production side of the process (true enthusiasts) or to teams ambitious enough to learn important production fundamentals.  Below are five ideas to consider in the creation of “yourshow.com”.

  1. Don’t make the show a monument to yourself: 
    Make sure your viewer’s WANTS drive the content.  Ask your customers and prospects what they might be interested in watching through surveys, visiting web forums that cover your show’s focus, check your web stats for top performing pages, bloggers mine your comments, etc.
  2. Get the right gear: 
    Hiring or bartering with a production firm will yield the best results but if you D-I-Y, then get the right gear.  If you are new to this don’t get the latest HD equipment with a lot of confusing doohickeys. If lit properly, an old 8mm video camera will produce a better image than the most up-to-date HD rig shooting a poorly lit set. Lighting, sound and shot composition are the key ingredients for producing attractive video.   Those ugly orange shop lights work great as a light source.  An external microphone, preferably wireless, will get the recording element close enough to your talent to prevent the host from sounding like he or she is in a can.  There is much more to the equipment discussion and I will be covering the details in future posts.  Just remember that viewers will not applaud you for doing things right but they notice mistakes (bad audio, poor lighting, etc).
  3. Find a suitable web TV platform:
    The YouTubes and Revvers of the world are great single program players but your show will have multiple episodes, so its best to have an Internet TV platform allowing selection from your full inventory of shows.  Your web TV platform should have a simple, feature-rich content management system to upload, schedule and administer your program inventory. I recommend either the Brightcove or the SplashCast players. 
  4. Tie in distribution partners: 
    The web video players of the day are social media friendly making them easy to add to any website.  Use this functionality to partner with popular web sites that attract your audience and who’s offering your content compliments.  For example, if your web show is business oriented, your local Chamber would be a perfect fit, providing Chamber members with valuable information and you with a laser-targeted audience.
  5. Measure your results: 
    The only way to improve is to know how well you are currently doing.  The web TV platforms above include useful viewer statistics.  At a minimum, you should monitor total player views, most viewed programs, top referrers and average program time viewed. Equipped with this data you can determine audience interest and prune under performing programming.  The Brightcove platform has an excellent performance reporting suite.

If you have experience syndicating web TV programming, we would love to learn about your story (add your comments below). FYI, I entered this post in the Network Blogging Tips  list blog contest, so your comments are likely to get quite a few eyeballs.

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