Pet Peeves: How Can I Contact You!


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During a recent early morning meeting, Constance Holloway a PR professional and business associate of mine shared with me a pet peeve she has with a number of websites and her revelation gave me an idea for a new blog segment I decided to call, well, Pet Peeves. Pet Peeves will help you avoid making common mistakes with your multimedia marketing tools by profiling the pet peeves of real people whose views just might reflect those of your customers.
Now Constance was really irritated with websites that either don’t display contact information at all or bury it deep in obscure areas of the site.  Constance, like most people, will only invest a small amount of her valuable time trying to extract your company’s value from your website content and even less time attempting to contact you once sold.  An easy fix would be to add your company’s main phone number to each page of your site. At a minimum, include all of your contact information along with your hours of operation to your site’s contact us page.  Let us know your pet peeves (comments below).

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