It’s About the Customer Not You!


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Web content should focus on what customer's wantI see so many websites fail to meet business goals because the site is designed as a monument to its owner or management team not as a tool to fulfill prospective or existing customer wants. To build a successful web presence you must understand what keeps customers up at night and make sure your website communicates the solution to their problems.

Flashy sites with lots of animation and movement are the first indicator that you are not listening to your customer. Instinctively we think visual sparkle makes us look cool, possibly setting our site apart. Prospective customers really don’t care; in fact, the “flash” distracts them from seeing your real value to them. When was the last time you purchased a product or service online because of some flashy display on the front page?

In addition to graphically overdone designs, often times our web copy (text) does not get visitors excited about what we offer nor does it compel them to take action. Your copy needs to be laser focused on your solution to your prospect’s problem and then provide information that instills confidence that you are a credible provider. Hiring a proven, marketing-focused copywriter is a great way to get your copy in order.

To stay on task put a post-it note on your computer screen that reads, “why should my customer care?” Ask yourself this question as you read each page of your site or contemplate requirements for launching a new site. Remember, this is the question your visitor is asking you and your success depends on the quality and validity of your response.

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