Does Your Networking Group Have Fly Paper?


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Synergy Partners

I recently sat in on a meeting with members of the Synergy Partners networking group and was quite impressed with the group’s disciplined approach to generating business opportunities.  In addition to the standard, “lead sharing” activity that most groups like this engage in, the team hosted an informative talk by Synergy member Dan Colby of Pinstripe Inc. covering the business benefits of Web 2.0 practices and technology. 

I wish I could share the presentation with you but they did not record it, which brings me to the point of this post. I thought if the group considered streaming a video of Dan’s presentation from their website, Synergy Partners might have gotten a lot more mileage out of Dan’s great talk.  Dan would have also walked away with a fresh new marketing tool.

Benefits of streaming the group’s business seminars include:

  1. Exposure: The video might attract prospective clients and customers not only to Dan’s services but to all of the group’s member businesses. If they got real creative, I am sure they could find other organizations willing to present the video from their websites, thus driving even more traffic to Synergy Partners.
  2. Drive membership:  A networking group is only as effective as its membership, so maintaining a steady flow of talented and enthusiastic affiliates is critical.
  3. Become A Destination:  Hosting informative videos can position the group’s website as a destination spot for information on business related topics.  What’s more, the repeat traffic could translate to new business as site visitors are exposed to member businesses.

I suppose the idea of taking what is valuable to a room of 20 or so people and broadcasting that message to potentially thousands really gets me excited.  If you are a networking group looking to grow your lead base, the opportunity should excite you as well.  I would love to get your comments (click below).

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