Want to Reach Your Audience? Follow These Ladies

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The 2008 Charlotte Mecklenburg Womens SummitOn March 6th my company had the pleasure of providing video production services for a very significant local event, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Women’s Summit.  I have to tell you that it was incredible to see so many gifted, empowered, capable and committed women coming together to advance the condition of Charlotte-area women.

If you are hosting an event, serve on a planning committee or you are a volunteer take notes on the video strategy Summit organizers formulated.  The planning committee realized that participants in this day-long event would need a motivator to get them immediately engaged in the coming flurry of activity and a strong introductory video was their tool of choice (watch video below).  

[blip.tv ?posts_id=712886&dest=-1]

The video hit the mark as planners focused on presenting just a few discussion points in a way that were sure to resonate with their audience (attendees, prospective sponsors and evangelists).  From here a diverse mix of women representing different perspectives drove the story home.
In addition to making a splash at the event, Summit organizers now have a communications tool that can continue working for them.  Summit leaders might consider using their video in the following ways:

  1. Add the video to the Summit website
  2. Play the video as an intro to group presentations
  3. Start an awareness campaign by asking supporters to forward the video link to people in their respective contact sphere
  4. Include the video with future sponsorship request packages
  5. Enable evangelists by making the video available for download to portable devices (phones and iPODs)
  6. Upload the video to YouTube and other social media websites

Use the comments link below to add your tips for the Summit organizers.

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