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Who Else Wants Networking Success!

March 30, 2008

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Recently I was asked by my local Chamber to be a panelist as part of a dialogue on effective networking strategies.  We discussed all sorts of points from creating customer evangelists to using your iPhone as a networking tool.  You know me (even if you don’t, you will soon understand…), I was compelled to package the discussion as a video so that others (beyond the 50 or so in the room) might benefit from the conversation.   Click the media player above to watch the program topic videos.

In addition to allowing you and others to engage the networking strategies discussion, I saw the panel video as an opportunity to illustrate one of my favorite tactics, turning video of your speaking engagements into marketing opportunities.  My mantra has always been, “how could your business benefit if it had a television and radio station at its disposal?”  Streaming video and audio technology makes it possible for even the smallest of businesses to reach their market.

Assuming your content is useful, you can position yourself as a subject matter expert within your market which could generate both awareness and credibility among potential customers.  To get the word out, look for complimentary distribution partners like your local Chamber, contact the press (send a press release), member networking organization websites, your own website or blog, small newspapers and online publications, your local SBA website…be creative!

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