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Turn Event Sponsorship to Gold!

December 15, 2007

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Maximize your sponsorship opportunities with videoIf you have attended a corporate Gala or related event, chances are you have seen the event sponsor logos on the projection screens. Having provided event multimedia support for hundreds of events, I can tell you that a moving video on the screen tells a more compelling story and commands more attention than a static company logo alone. 

If your firm is an event sponsor, what opportunities do you have to display your marketing video on the big screens?  First, you need to make friends in advance with the event planner.  This is usually the person driving most of the content decisions including media.

If the event is an awards ceremony, consider sponsoring all or a portion of the awards. In return, ask that your 15 second or so video plays during some portion of the awards presentations (ex. XYZ corporation brings you the Zoobie Awards and your 15 second spot rolls). In addition to showing up on screen, your media can be included in any DVD or web video transcript of the program, significantly expanding your viewing audience.

Many event coordinators place media screens in reception areas and your promotional video could play here as well. Your rarely see sponsor videos in the reception area because the company representative simply does not ask to be featured.

If the event is not awards related you might pitch having your video play at the beginning or end of the event. Again, the key to getting these valuable spots it to simply ask and engage a friendly negotiation from here. It amazes me that few people ever make the ask, limit their exposure to a logo on a screen which few people remember.

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