Nonprofits, For Success Show Your Results!


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Promote your campaign resultsFundraising and awareness building campaigns are key components of the non-profit business model.  Campaign promotional videos are excellent tools to engender support for your campaigns.

To increase the likelihood of success consider using your video to demonstrate the results of campaign support.  Let viewers see the faces of those you help.  Show beneficiaries engaged in activities funded by the campaign.

Before support is offered, prospective partners want a few simple questions answered:

  1. Who will the campaign aid?
  2. What benefit will be dispensed?
  3. Is the organization credible?

If your video and other communications material answers these and related questions you stand a good chance of success.  Below is an example of a video campaign we produced for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte to stimulate internal, associate support for Y programming for their youth, teens and active older adults.

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