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Charlotte Chamber Ventures MagazineOur small business streaming video Channel, Broadcast Charlotte was recently featured in the Charlotte Chamber’s Ventures newsletter. The Ventures article discusses our Chamber 101 segment created to teach Chamber members how to make the most of their Chamber memberships.

Chamber 101 came about after listening to so many of my clients talk about the lack of value in their membership.  In many cases I found people made the mistake of putting all of their eggs in the networking basket and not taking advantage of the Chamber’s other programs (research, consulting, board participation, etc.).  In short, they did not have a strategy.

Focusing solely on passing out cards at networking functions is doomed to fail.  Consider that at networking events you have no idea who the meeting attendees are (no ability to target), you can only talk to a small number of people during each meeting and it’s very labor intensive (inefficient).  On the contrary, I am not saying professional networking is bad; but if this is your only Chamber tactic, you will surely fail in your attempt to market your business.  You would do much better if you delivered a free seminar to the same audience.  This way you get the attention of everyone in the room and position yourself as an expert in their eyes.  Now this is a successful tactic.

I won’t beat a dead horse.  Visit Chamber 101 on Broadcast Charlotte and learn for yourself.

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