Marketing 911: BBB Consumer Foundation


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BBB Consumer FoundationThe Charlotte Better Business Bureau’s Consumer Foundation is a non-profit 501 C-3 entity charged with protecting older adults from various types of fraud.  Maryanne Dailey and hear board of directors are looking for some creative ideas to promote a television show currently in development.

The television program will help viewers better recognize many of the more common scams targeting senior populations and provide the appropriate information to combat fraudulent behavior.  The program will air regularly on a local access cable channel which is great but Maryanne and the foundation board are looking for other imaginative ways to attract viewers.  In addition, the group is seeking alternative ways to market and distribute the programming.

As a multimedia professional my suggestion would be to webcast the programs on the foundation’s website as well as on the websites of organizations who serve the senior community.  My suggestion is but one of many.  Please help the Better Business Bureau’s Consumer Foundation and the senior community by posting your marketing suggestions as comments to this post (click the comments link below).

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