Authors Unite and so Can You!


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Members of the Carolina ConspiracyI recently had the pleasure of covering a literary event hosted by the Carolina Conspiracy, a group of authors who got together to collectively promote their respective businesses.  Click the link below to watch our video coverage on Broadcast Charlotte.

Click to watch the program

By working together the group is able to spread a number of expenses among their 25 member group, including:

  1. Brochures, posters, direct mail materials and other marketing collateral
  2. Transportation expenses to and from events
  3. Advertising expenses
  4. Website expenses

Their collective purchasing power allows the group to not only reduce marketing expenses but purchase more for the same individual dollar (e.g. upsize from a 1/2 page to a full page add.).  Other benefits of this strategy include:

  1. Inbound links to member websites:  Inbound links can raise your search engine ranking
  2. Obtain book placement that is hard for beginning authors to acquire
  3. Attend more promotional events
  4. Foster healthy idea generation and information sharing
  5. Negotiate better terms with vendors
  6. Share leads
  7. You get the point…

For exponential business growth seek partnering relationships with businesses whose owners’ have a vision that compliments your own.

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