5 Ways the PR Store (and YOU) Can Supercharge A Seminar.


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Get your seminar to reach it's potential.This morning I was invited to attend the PR Store’s small business development seminar.  The smart marketers at the PR Store understand that gathering a room full of customers and prospects for an impactful business development session is a great way to generate new business. 

I immediately thought Katie Davis, the manager, could use DVD and or web streaming video of the seminar to reach thousands beyond the 20 or so people in attendance.  Below is a list of ways Katie (and YOU) can use DVD and web video to exponentially increase seminar audiences and leads.

  1.  Website:  Add the video to your website to engage browsing visitors.  If the content is compelling enough, visitors will pass the video along to others who could turn into new business.  Send a notice to everyone in your contact sphere and you could generate a lot of viewer traffic (customers, vendors, networking contacts, etc.)
  2. Partner Websites (Chambers, vendors, SBA, networking groups…):  Add a link or the actual video to the pages of partner sites.  Your partners will LOVE the free content (especially Chambers) and you can include contact information and a return link to your site to drive lots of referral traffic.
  3. Handouts:  You can give all or select customers a copy of your seminar DVD with each purchase to encourage cross sales and who knows, they might pass the DVD along to others (can you say referral).
  4. Partner Giveaways:  Groups like the SBA, SCORE, Small Buisiness Technology & Development Center, Biz Hub and others are always giving away materials to the businesses they consult. 
  5. Web TV Channel:  Once you accumulate a video inventory use free services like SplashCast and Brightcove to turn those videos into an online education (and lead generating!) web tv channel.  See our example at www.BroadcastCharlotte.com.

“The Chamber turned it’s recent Procurement Conference training seminar into a registration lead generator” (video below)

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7 Responses to “5 Ways the PR Store (and YOU) Can Supercharge A Seminar.”

  1. Felicia Watlington Says:

    Hi John-

    As chair of the Charlotte Chamber’s Diversity Business Council, I can certainly vouch for the use of the video that you have posted as a powerful means to “get the word out”. In addition, that one video has served us very well – we display it as various events, have it posted on the DBC website (www.charlottedbc.com), and have sent it by e-mail to prospective registrants.

    Best regards,
    Felicia Watlington

  2. Eric Lewis Says:

    This information is a discovery in effective use of current technology.
    I currently use the DVDs as handouts at conferences and I link to my video in my e-mail signature for when I send and respond to e-mails to my network. Some of my current customers like the innovation and are working on getting this tool to help generate new business. Since the launch of my video 2 months ago; I have gotten 2 new clients and am talking to 3 more about doing business with me. The video is a catalyst for more inquires about my services and is also a statement about my professionalism and commitment to technological innovation.

    Watch Our Video: http://www.onescsi.com/video.htm
    Eric Lewis

  3. Milena Kouumdjieva Says:

    Hi John,

    Great idea to reach wider audience! TD Ameritrade has been very successful with similar concept, but targeting investment strategies and retirement planning. Their web seminars have been very popular. I do not have a doubt that small business entrepreneurs will find this helpful. It is not always easy to find the time to attend “in person” and with the web streaming video you are giving the opportunity of a personal engagement without the loss of travel time.

    I would also suggest that the agency reaches out to community colleges or community development centers and enhance on the classroom curriculum those organizations might have.

    Milena Kouumdjieva

  4. Manny Ohonme Says:

    Hi John,

    you have made me a believer in using video and web streaming as one of the strongest media to reach your target audience.

    I have personally seen the success of this in my corporate days as an executive in the technology business. I really feel this would be an awesome tool to help clients better maximize their times.

    Manny Ohonme
    President & Founder
    Samaritan’s Feet

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