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Turn Your Event Into a Web TV Show

September 25, 2007

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Charlotte Post Best AwardsGerald Johnson, Publisher of the Charlotte Post knows a bit about putting on an entertaining event.  His annual “Best” Awards Gala brings together 500 to 700 people to honor local community leaders and outstanding students. While his attendance numbers are pretty good, he (and you) can exponentially increase your event exposure by turning the event into a web TV show.

Using technology from SplashCast, Brightcove and others; you can compile video clips from the best segments of your event and broadcast them in a single web video player with each segment comprising a different episode.  If you attract the right people to your video show, viewership can easily spread virally.  Below are some viral video suggestions:

  1. Send an email notification to all event attendees (ask each one to invite 2-3 other viewers)
  2. Notify the award recipients and ask them to invite friends/family
  3. Notify your sponsors and have them spread the word throughout the organization
  4. Place banner ads around the player and have your advertisers invite viewers
  5. Notify the press.  They may point to the stream from their website or if you are savvy, you can give them the code to embed the video show into a page on their website (with a link back to you)
  6. We would like to “hear” your ideas (list them in the comments section below)

Bottom line, this is the Internet age. Don’t limit your event activities to “day-of”, offline activity.  Go online and go viral!

Watch The  Charlotte Post Award Web Show
[splashcast RPFB6887UK]
*MOUSE OVER player to access the CHANNEL GUIDE (screen: top, left)

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Commemorate Well to Make Your Events POP!

September 24, 2007

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Use commemorative video properly for event success!Showcasing a commemorative video of your event’s honoree(s) is great way to maintain the attention of your event audience.  If done well, commemorative video holds attention, keeps the audience engaged in the event, minimizes the rush of people leaving during dead spots and reduces the length of honoree addresses (what else can they say after a good video overview but thank you).

Harvey Gantt, Charlotte North Carolina’s former Mayor was the subject of a commemorative video I produced for the Charlotte Post newspaper’s annual “Best Awards” Gala.  It was a clear pleasure to drive this production because Mr. Gantt is a political, business and community giant who after all of his struggles and successes; still cares about people. 

Watch the salute to Mr. Gantt below

[ ?posts_id=399359&dest=-1]

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Avoiding the Broke Zone

September 18, 2007

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The Broke ZoneAfter observing so many small business owners struggle trying to attract new customers, I have come to the conclusion that too many are unwilling to prospect outside their comfort zone; and unless their comfort zone  is filled with people matching their ideal customer profile (which most don’t), their comfort zone ends up being The Broke Zone.

The Broke Zone is the place where business owners do only what comes easy, take little risk, search for microwave (quick) solutions and usually end up with little in the way of results to show for it. Who and what lives in the Broke Zone? Below is my, less than scientific assessment and some real comments I have heard from business owners. Determine where you fall.

  1. No commitment to investment in marketing (Comment: “That xxx costs too much…”Response:  “It’s not too much if it generates enough revenue above its cost!”).
  2. Strong technology aversion (Comment:  “I’m not into that new stuff…” Response:  “Consider hiring someone who is into technology, because your customers are probably into it.”)
  3. A marketing strategy consisting of handing out lots of business cards at every networking event in town (Comment:  “It’s all numbers game”…Response:  “Honestly, you don’t have the capacity to meet enough random people to make those numbers work for you!”)
  4. The expectation that implementing one single marketing tactic will lead to a customer flood. (Comment:  “I bought that full page ad and nothing happened”…Response:  “Perhaps it was a poor ad, unattractive offer or placed in the wrong publication…one ad or tactic alone, rarely works”)
  5. Aversion to courting the press for publicity and exposure. (Comment:  “I am not that type of person.” Response: “Ok, show me something better than  a free opportunity to reach thousands of your prospective customers”)
  6. Not finding out what your customers WANT, vs need. ( Mr. Dentist:  “I sell what my customers need.” Response: “Your customer’s bad tooth NEEDS to be removed but he certainly doesn’t want a tooth yanked from his head, he WANTS relief”
  7. Camera shyness. (Comment:  “I don’t want to be on camera, my hair isn’t right”  Response:  “Don’t leave the house if you are not prepared to promote your company…there goes another free opportunity to reach thousands of prospective customers.”)
  8. Shuns public speaking. (Comment:  “Speaking in front of people is scary” Response: “Not quite as scary as the bankruptcy process.”)

Get in your zone.  Just make sure it’s not the Broke Zone!

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Authors Unite and so Can You!

September 13, 2007

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Members of the Carolina ConspiracyI recently had the pleasure of covering a literary event hosted by the Carolina Conspiracy, a group of authors who got together to collectively promote their respective businesses.  Click the link below to watch our video coverage on Broadcast Charlotte.

Click to watch the program

By working together the group is able to spread a number of expenses among their 25 member group, including:

  1. Brochures, posters, direct mail materials and other marketing collateral
  2. Transportation expenses to and from events
  3. Advertising expenses
  4. Website expenses

Their collective purchasing power allows the group to not only reduce marketing expenses but purchase more for the same individual dollar (e.g. upsize from a 1/2 page to a full page add.).  Other benefits of this strategy include:

  1. Inbound links to member websites:  Inbound links can raise your search engine ranking
  2. Obtain book placement that is hard for beginning authors to acquire
  3. Attend more promotional events
  4. Foster healthy idea generation and information sharing
  5. Negotiate better terms with vendors
  6. Share leads
  7. You get the point…

For exponential business growth seek partnering relationships with businesses whose owners’ have a vision that compliments your own.

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7 yr Old Launches YouTube Fundraising Campaign

September 10, 2007

My young son Alec and I have been thinking about producing a video together for some time.  When school started and the first of the Mountain Island Elementary PTA fundraisers began, I asked Alec if he would be interested in producing a video to help with his fundraising task.  Enthusiastically Alec said Yes! To help Alec reach his sales goal we launched an online campaign using this blog, YouTube and a grass roots network of loving friends/family.

We humbly ask you to support Alec’s fundraising efforts by watching his video (he is a pretty good little salesman, if I do say so myself) and considering  the purchase of one or more of the many great gifts from Alec’s online catalogue. 

Watch Alec’s Video (click below)
[ ?posts_id=377627&dest=-1]

Purchase Instructions:

  1. Goto before September 17th (the PTA’s ecommerce partner)
  2. Click the REGISTER Button (Screen:  top, right)
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Click the PRODUCTS link (Screen: top) and select your products
  5. After chosing your products goto the CHECKOUT
  6. Be sure to include Alec’s School (Mountain Island Elementary) and his name (Alec Easton) in the appropriate checkout form fields, so Alec receives sales credit

Thank you for helping Alec to be his best!