If You Don’t Invest, Why Should Your Customers?


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Invest in marketing and watch your business growA sure way to kill your business is by not investing in it and one of the best investments you can make is in marketing.   A good friend told me when I started my business that entrepreneurs “eat what they catch”.  What sort of fish do you think you will catch if your marketing lure is second-rate?  That’s right, you won’t catch many and those you do hook will be of inferior quality.

Think about it, when people are new to a service they need and browsing the Yellow Pages for a provider; who do you think they consider first?  That’s right the businesses with the biggest and most attractive ads.  People are looking for credible providers who they feel can do the job at a fair price. The stand-out ads are selected because people inherently feel the company has made an investment in running a professional practice and has a reputation to uphold.

When contemplating growth strategies for your company, consider an investment in marketing and avoid being cheap.  If you are not willing to investment in your business don’t expect prospective customers to do so either.

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