From Note To New Customer in 60 Seconds!


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Turn thank you letters into powerful marketing toolsAs a successful business owner I’m sure you have received your share of letters thanking you for exceptional service or delivery of a great product.  If you don’t have any testimonials like this then you have some work to do, don’t you? 

Customer thank yous surely make us feel good but what if they could be more visual marketing tools?  The truth is, your flat paper thank you note can become a compelling sales and marketing tool when converted to video. 

In many cases, the letter’s author is not immediately accessible.  One successful formula is to have your local video pro record a voiceover of the letter and layer appropriately timed representative images over the voiceover.  If you ad a suitable musical backdrop then your flat paper testimony becomes a robust marketing tool sure to hook any would-be customer or client.

I quickly compiled the example below from some client footage to illustrate the point.

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