Marketing 911: From WNBA to CEO Coach


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Trudi Lacey - Life Coach Designs, LLCTrudi Lacey is the former general manager and head coach of the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting basketball team.  Trudi has recently transitioned from leading a professional sports franchise to leading her own firm, Life Coach Designs and she is looking for suggestions on tactics to enhance her business’s marketing.  

Trudi’s burning need is to,  “create a positive stream of highly motivated clients resulting in a sable cash flow.”  To date, her marketing efforts consist of various forms of email communication, offering free sample workshops, networking, and personal recommendations.

Up front my suggestion to Trudi would be to produce a DVD and web streaming version of her “free” seminar to enable distribution of her message to an audience beyond the 20 or so people attending her seminars.  Via online video, she can reach thousands. Can you say YouTube?

Enough about my thoughts.  Marketing 911 is about contributing your ideas.  Submit your suggestions to Trudi by clicking the comments link below.

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10 Responses to “Marketing 911: From WNBA to CEO Coach”

  1. Regina Rudolph Says:

    Hi Trudi! I’m glad to see that you are moving forward with your business and just wanted to add a comment regarding marketing. School administrators are constantly looking for ways to provide professional development opportunities for their staff. I would suggest reaching out to school administrators in the area with a program designed to empower and motivate their staff.

    Accounting, Tax and Small Business Services

  2. John Easton Says:


    That is a good suggestion. If there are any obstacles dealing with the school administrators directly, the union might be a an alternative route to pursue.


  3. Jaye Maxx Alexander II Says:

    The best way to do this is to offer something for free to the clients that will use you on a long term . There is always a need for a life coach in the sales arena.{real estate,mortgage,education,b2b,telemarketing . There is a way to spend time up front beating the bushes for the clients to whom your services will benefit, target trade groups .. I woud go after Hornets Nest Girl scout council .. The young lady that runs the program is named Tracy .. She would love to have you speak to the girls ..

  4. John Easton Says:


    I like your ideas. Because of the relative ease of starting business “coaching” consultancies, there are a lot of them out there. I agree with you that if you have an offering that is demonstrably better than the masses, giving a “bite sized chunk” away at no cost is a great way to influence your audience.

    I believe trudi gives away a coaching guide now. I have to check here website to confirm this.


  5. Trudi Lacey Says:


    That’s a great idea. I have actually been trying to reach out to a friend in the school system but no luck. Is there a better method?

    Glad to see you are doing well. Bet

  6. Trudi Lacey Says:


    Thank you. I have already set up a free workshop for a real estate company. And plan to offer several more during the month of Sept.

    I will check in to the Hornet’s Nest Girls Scout Council as well. Great suggestions. Thank you.

  7. Trudi Lacey Says:


    thanks for beginning the dialogue. I am on vacation and was having trouble accessing my email. I will move forward on these ideas and take any other suggestions that will jump start the process.

    My book ” coach yourself to greatness” is about the life lessons that i have learned through sports and life. In addition, how i apply them to everyday living. It short and small so you can read in one big bite or small nuggets.

    It’s available on the website

  8. Trudi Lacey Says:


    As a side note i did speak at the Girls Power event this pass spring. Powerful event. Nothing better than empowering young women!

    My coaching practice is all about transforming lives and leadership, stepping into your authentic leadership style. I believe we must first lead ourselves and then we are able to inspire, enrich and embrace others helping them to find value in their life and work.

  9. John Easton Says:


    I know we talked about this earlier but I am going reiterate the opportunity blogging presents. If you can commit the time to publishing regularly and building relationships with popular bloggers within your target audience the following benefits accrue:
    1. Position yourself as a saught after industry expert
    2. Attract the attention of the press (each blog post is a potential article)
    3. Write a book one post at a time.
    4. Build search engine traffic (blogs are text rich which search engines pull from).
    5. Build relationships with new customers and deepen relationships with existing clients.

    Check out my friends Denise and Patsi, the Blog Squad and Problogger


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