To Get More Customers Follow This Rule


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Converting customers requires multiple communicationsMy friend Steve Yankee at the Video Business Advisor taught me a vital lesson that I want to share with you. The rule of 8:16 says that it takes 8 contacts over a 16 month period to turn a prospective customer into an actual customer. I live by this rule and it has had our shop slammed for the past 12 months.

Burn this into your brain because it is fact; you will not acquire a new customer with a single magazine ad, with one direct mailing or with a single sales presentation. You have to use a contact system where you expose prospective customers multiple times to your company’s compelling message. Even people intrigued by your first contact will not take the final step without further prompting.

Now that we have internalized 8:16, how can we make our 8 contacts? Making first contact can be done in any number of ways including sending a postcard mailer, meeting prospects at networking functions, referral, search engine leads, advertisement, etc. From here you could begin calling your new prospects but this will be tough.  If you are like me, you hate cold calling.

Sending a newsletter, blog feed or other syndicated content is one of the most efficient ways to facilitate your remaining communications. Once your mailing list is populated, educational and promotional content can be sent on a monthly basis through your newsletter or even daily in the case of a blog. Not only will you easily deliver your 8 contacts but your publication’s content will help position you as an expert in your field.

Create a well-organized system to satisfy the rule of 8:16 and you are on your way to business success. Will you take action?

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2 Responses to “To Get More Customers Follow This Rule”

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    […] The majority of people experiencing the campaign were likely hit at least three times by the Mert’s message.  Frist by viewing the BJ article, then by visiting the website and third by engaging the video. To be effective prospects must see your message multiple times before they take action (more about this rule).  […]

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    […] monthly touch strengthens our position to prospects as business problem solvers.  Remember the rule of 8:16 states that it takes at least 8 contacts over a 16 month period before a prospect becomes a real […]

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