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Be smart like the racing teams and sponsor your videosWhile “How To” special interest videos are a great way for businesses, independent consultants and other gurus to profit from their expertise; for smaller companies cost is often an inhibitor.  A potential solution to this dilemma came to me during an email exchange with a friend and prospective customer Heidi Billotto, a well known local culinary expert.  My solution was sponsorship.

Why not find a group of companies selling complimentary products or services to advertise their goods in your video?  If your video topic is interesting, your content engaging, and you have a good audience sponsorship would be a great opportunity for your advertising partner to reach a captive audience and a good way for you to offset your production costs. You could sell space on the exterior packaging, as inserts, full screen adds in the video itself, smaller lower third features at $50, $100, you set the price.  

Because Heidi is a cooking expert she might approach non competing firms in the food and beverage industry ( grocery stores, restaurants, wine shops, coffee outlets, food magazines, etc ). Get creative, it ain’t just for NASCAR anymore.  What would you say to Heidi (comment below)?

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