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Got Marketer’s Block: Take A Vitamin!

August 31, 2007

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The folks over at “My Creative Team” passed along some useful marketing tips that might serve as brainstorming food for anyone in a marketing idea slump.  The thing I like about the information is that the ideas are simple and actionable. 

Playing tennis taught me that winning strategies are usually simple. Most opponents will beat themselves if you consistantly return the ball.  Enough of being sage, browse the group’s list of 20 one-a-day tactics; I mean vitamins (click here).

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How to Get In the Charlotte Observer

August 31, 2007

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How to Pitch the Charlotte ObserverThe PR process can be a mystery to the uninitiated. On a recent edition of Broadcast Charlotte, I interviewed Patrick Scott the Charlotte Observer Newspaper’s business Editor to get the real scoop on getting ink in the paper.  Eventhough the focus here is on a Charlotte-based paper Scott’s insights are universal.

Scott let us know that getting in is not about pushing your company’s products and services; it’s about being relevant to the interests of the paper’s readers and building trust with the staff.  Click the link below to watch the video.

Observer Editor gives pitch tips

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If You Don’t Invest, Why Should Your Customers?

August 28, 2007

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Invest in marketing and watch your business growA sure way to kill your business is by not investing in it and one of the best investments you can make is in marketing.   A good friend told me when I started my business that entrepreneurs “eat what they catch”.  What sort of fish do you think you will catch if your marketing lure is second-rate?  That’s right, you won’t catch many and those you do hook will be of inferior quality.

Think about it, when people are new to a service they need and browsing the Yellow Pages for a provider; who do you think they consider first?  That’s right the businesses with the biggest and most attractive ads.  People are looking for credible providers who they feel can do the job at a fair price. The stand-out ads are selected because people inherently feel the company has made an investment in running a professional practice and has a reputation to uphold.

When contemplating growth strategies for your company, consider an investment in marketing and avoid being cheap.  If you are not willing to investment in your business don’t expect prospective customers to do so either.

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From Note To New Customer in 60 Seconds!

August 23, 2007

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Turn thank you letters into powerful marketing toolsAs a successful business owner I’m sure you have received your share of letters thanking you for exceptional service or delivery of a great product.  If you don’t have any testimonials like this then you have some work to do, don’t you? 

Customer thank yous surely make us feel good but what if they could be more visual marketing tools?  The truth is, your flat paper thank you note can become a compelling sales and marketing tool when converted to video. 

In many cases, the letter’s author is not immediately accessible.  One successful formula is to have your local video pro record a voiceover of the letter and layer appropriately timed representative images over the voiceover.  If you ad a suitable musical backdrop then your flat paper testimony becomes a robust marketing tool sure to hook any would-be customer or client.

I quickly compiled the example below from some client footage to illustrate the point.

[ ?posts_id=355359&dest=-1]

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Broadcast Charlotte Soft Launch

August 20, 2007

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Streaming video of small business events and educational content.This morning Eastonsweb Multimedia soft launched Broadcast Charlotte a streaming video business information portal intended to showcase local small business events and provide business educational content.  This preliminary release features coverage of several local business events and Chamber 101, a program desiged to show business owners how to make the Chamber work (beyond passing out business cards at networking events).

While much of the event coverage is local, in many cases the educational content will  have universal application.  I will be posting program updates as we launch new content over the next 2 weeks.

Click to Watch the Program Below:
Mouse Over the Video for Program Guide
[splashcast WFYU8746AA]

My motivation for launching the channel has been a continued frustration with the lack of coverage in the mainstrem media (specifically local media) of small business events and educational content.  I am certainly not upset with traditional media, as the economics require a hit-driven solution where only big companies, big personalities and big interests are served. If I had their expense burden I would do the same thing.

Because I do not have such a burden I am focusing attention on the little guy, you. The plan is to deliver a menu of content that helps put money in the pockets of small business (event coverage, Chamber tips/strategies, dressing for success, pitching the media and successful entrepreneur insights).

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