Launching Biz Service: Need Your Help


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Broadcast Charlotte website mock upAs a result of frustration I and other entrepreneurs have experienced with the lack of small business coverage in my local media (Charlotte, NC), I decided to launch a video portal covering local small business events (grand openings, chamber events, educational seminars, interviews with local business leaders, etc).  This will be a no-cost citizen-news service for local small business that can dramatically expand the audience for their events.

I am finalizing the website (click to view) and I would like to humbly ask for ideas from my talented pool of blog readers (that’s you).  The videos you will see are placeholders until we are ready to lauch, at which time the real video content will be added.  I am looking for the following input:

  1. What small business events might appeal to you? Don’t worry if you are not in Charlotte, most markets have similar event types.
  2. How to get media attention?
  3. Creative ways to market and promote the service
  4. Other thoughts you might have

I would like to heartedly thank you in advance for any pre-launch advice and input you might offer.  Please submit your input as comments below.


4 Responses to “Launching Biz Service: Need Your Help”

  1. Luther Carter, Jr. Says:

    Hello John
    I thought the video introduction Blog is a good way for someone or a business to tell their story and to promote their business. My concern would be how much of a message should be displayed and how much information would it take to capture someone’s attention?
    I am not sure that I am answering your question?

    As for Small Business events, I would like very much to see more activity in this area. Keep in mind, not all small businesses are member’s of the Chamber. A good place to start, is to provide a nonthreatening forum for Small Businesses and I feel the The Charlotte Post coukld be a great catalyst.

  2. John Easton Says:


    Thank you so much for providing your input. The video content currently posted to the site is simply a placeholder. Once we are up and running Chamber events will only be one part of the mix.

    If a business is hosting an event like a grand opening, customer appreciation celebration, a trade conference, a seminar; we intend to go in like the news would and produce a video recap of the activity. Our intent is to expand the event’s audience beyond the people in attendance. That said we do not expect the entire world to be interested in each event but we do want to reach the total audience of people with a logical tie to the event (the business’s customers, vendors, business partners, etc.)

    When these events are hosted only a fraction of the people who want to attend can show up. We want to reach the others.

    I agree the Charlotte Post is a good network hub for this project. I have asked for Gerlad’s input.

    Thank you so much,


  3. Kristina Hill Says:

    Hi John:

    Broadcast Charlotte is a phenomenal idea. This is going to be a great asset for the local community. In response to your questions:

    1. The types of events that I would view on the portal would definitely be sessions from marketing and public relations seminars since this is my line of work. I also would view general business conferences, and even special church events.

    2. In regards to media attention, I suggest distributing a video news release about the launch of the portal to communicate the full scope of the project. I also recommend adding key contacts in the business community to your press distribution list and scheduling interviews on some of the local radio stations to promote the launch.

    3. As far as other creative marketing and promotion tactics, how about a viral marketing campaign of some sort and/or a monthly e-newsletter with a link to new content on the site?

    4. Again, this is a great idea. Thanks again for allowing me to contribute my comments.


  4. John Easton Says:


    Thank you so much for your input. Your ideas are awesome! We plan on featuring marketing/pr seminars (and others). In addition, we will include educational segments including:
    – How to make the Chamber work for you
    – Dress for Success (business and business casual dressing lessons from Charlotte-area clothing retailers).

    For promotion I like your idea of a video news release. In my business you would think a VNR would be top of mind but it wasn’t. We are going to offer email program guide updates.

    Thank you again for your great ideas.



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