Your Speakers Video: Tips From an Expert


Dr. Larina Kase, PsyD, MBAUpon launching a successful business coaching consultancy and co-authoring the New York Times best seller, The Confident Speaker; Dr. Larina Kase has become a much saught after public speaker and expert on booking speaking engagements.  After a discussion with Dr. Kase in a recent post, Public Speakers, Get Your Video! I decided to invite Dr. Kase to share her thoughts on the use of video to market public speaking services.

  1. Given your experience marketing your speaking engagements, do you think video really helps in getting booked? If so, why?

    Yes! I think that video greatly helps you get booked for speaking engagements. I have a few brief video clips on my site and I’ve been told by meeting planners that they (and others sprinkled throughout my site) are very helpful. Videos are so important because they give people a sampling of who you are and how you communicate. This helps them to see whether your style is a good fit for their organization and audience.I’ve been meaning to get a professional video shot at one of my speaking engagements. I’ll put clips on my site for marketing and use it for speakers’ bureaus.

    Dr. Kase, below is a seminar demo we put together for a client:

    [ ?posts_id=172087&dest=-1]

  2. If video is such a useful tool why don’t more speakers invest in them?
    The reason I took so long to even put amateur videos on my site  was that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the technology. People are also afraid of video because it is intimidating to tape and watch yourself. It is, however, a wonderful educational tool and definitely worthwhile. If you aren’t confident in how you look, remember that a professional can make you look good. I wish I always looked like my make-up artist, hairdresser, and photographer make me look for my headshots, but I don’t and that’s why I hire the professionals!
  3. Besides the obvious footage of the speaker, what other elements can be included in the video to encourage event organizers to book you as a speaker?
    I recommend that my information expert and speaker clients include not only footage of themselves in their demo tape and online, but also a variety of headshots, screen shots and clips of TV appearances, your speakers’ bio, testimonials from meeting planners and audience members (on my feedback forms I always ask audience members if they have a testimonial and if I can use it with their name in my marketing), list of clients (companies) who have consented for you to list them as clients, and professional memberships, such as National Speaker’s Association.

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5 Responses to “Your Speakers Video: Tips From an Expert”

  1. Felicia Watlington Says:

    As always, John, thanks for helping me and the rest of your audience understand the value of a professional video for marketing purposes. This is something that I need to do and want to do – do you have a checklist or action items of what info to be gathered and/or things to do before having such a video created?

  2. John Easton Says:


    I am glad you found the discussion with Dr. Kase to be useful. In response to your question, below are some pre-production planning items to consider before developing your speaker video:

    1. Define your goals for the video (build awareness, book engagements, sell related products, etc).
    2. Define your audience (corporate event planners, business unit heads, CEO’s, member organization committe members). Depending on the types of events you are looking to integrate with, the decision makers will be different.
    3. Document your value proposition: Write on paper why event organizers will be interested in you and your speaking content.
    4. List your achievements and certifications: To build credibility into the video, presenting your qualifications and credentials is very helpful and listing them up front simplifies the production process.
    5. Identify 2 or so good people to serve as testimonials. These should be people you have worked with and satisfied as a speaker. It helps if your testimonials are closely tied to the audiences you are trying to reach. For a corporate booking, a CEO might be a good choice but for a women’s club; the CEO may not resonate.
    6. Gather together any important footage (past speaking engagements, media coverage, interviews, etc). If you don’t have any such footage find out if any future booked events will be video taped and secure copies of the captured media (DVD or other).


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