My Video Won’t Work on YouTube!


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A good friend of mine, Joan Stewart – The Publicity Hound was presented with a problem by a member of her online community.  Below is a description of the problem:

“…I was sent a video that I’d like to use for my client. It was sent to me via a site called I downloaded the file but couldn’t open it. The error said I needed flash. I went to a site called and downloaded a piece of software from there which allowed me to open the video in Windows Media Player. The video file sits on my desktop. The properties of this file states it is a Flash Video File. I would now like to use this video on YouTube and some of the social sites we discussed in class. Do you know how I can upload this video to the social sites? The requirements seem to be that WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG files are accepted. My file is flash video file (I don’t see an extension I can give you.) Thanks.”

There are several ways to approach this problem.  The first and cleanest solution is to share the file on a social video site that accepts flash video like BlipTV.  The advantages of this approach are simplicity, no file conversion; and video quality, no need to re-compress (convert) a file that is already compressed in the Flash format.  It bothers me that some of the more popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video deliver their videos in the Flash format but don’t allow you to upload this file type.

If using YouTube is a must, the file will have to be converted to a format that YouTube accepts.  Doing this will require the use of the third party video conversion utility.  The downside of this option is the video quality will degrade one generation because the conversion process will compress a file that has already been compressed in the Flash format. Keeping the explaination simple, re-conversion is a bit like making xerox copies of copies, where each subsequent copy degrades in quality.

Below are several converstion utilities that will do the job:

  1. Riva FLV Encoder
  2. Total Video Converter
  3. Media Convert

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