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Entrepreneur Magazine Talks Video

July 26, 2007

Entrepreneur Magazine CoverThanks to a tip from my good friend Bolaji Oyejide over at the HBCU Network, I came accross an article in the July issue of Entrepreneur Magazine discussing how video, especially online, can enhance a small business’s ability to reach new customers.

“Research company eMarketer says that 157 million people will be watching online video by 2010. That could mean a marketing advantage to entrepreneurs…”

I really like the the example citing the Affiliate Summit’s YouTube testimonial video campaign (video below).  I think their mix of varying testimonials and supportive text is a great way to influence prospects.  I may be wrong but I believe they were able to manage costs by having an amateur crew shoot the video and wrap a more professional graphics package around it to smooth out the rough edges.  I have not talked to company reps but I believe their tactic is working.

Read the full story here []

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Launching Biz Service: Need Your Help

July 25, 2007

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Broadcast Charlotte website mock upAs a result of frustration I and other entrepreneurs have experienced with the lack of small business coverage in my local media (Charlotte, NC), I decided to launch a video portal covering local small business events (grand openings, chamber events, educational seminars, interviews with local business leaders, etc).  This will be a no-cost citizen-news service for local small business that can dramatically expand the audience for their events.

I am finalizing the website (click to view) and I would like to humbly ask for ideas from my talented pool of blog readers (that’s you).  The videos you will see are placeholders until we are ready to lauch, at which time the real video content will be added.  I am looking for the following input:

  1. What small business events might appeal to you? Don’t worry if you are not in Charlotte, most markets have similar event types.
  2. How to get media attention?
  3. Creative ways to market and promote the service
  4. Other thoughts you might have

I would like to heartedly thank you in advance for any pre-launch advice and input you might offer.  Please submit your input as comments below.

Your Speakers Video: Tips From an Expert

July 16, 2007

Dr. Larina Kase, PsyD, MBAUpon launching a successful business coaching consultancy and co-authoring the New York Times best seller, The Confident Speaker; Dr. Larina Kase has become a much saught after public speaker and expert on booking speaking engagements.  After a discussion with Dr. Kase in a recent post, Public Speakers, Get Your Video! I decided to invite Dr. Kase to share her thoughts on the use of video to market public speaking services.

  1. Given your experience marketing your speaking engagements, do you think video really helps in getting booked? If so, why?

    Yes! I think that video greatly helps you get booked for speaking engagements. I have a few brief video clips on my site and I’ve been told by meeting planners that they (and others sprinkled throughout my site) are very helpful. Videos are so important because they give people a sampling of who you are and how you communicate. This helps them to see whether your style is a good fit for their organization and audience.I’ve been meaning to get a professional video shot at one of my speaking engagements. I’ll put clips on my site for marketing and use it for speakers’ bureaus.

    Dr. Kase, below is a seminar demo we put together for a client:

    [ ?posts_id=172087&dest=-1]

  2. If video is such a useful tool why don’t more speakers invest in them?
    The reason I took so long to even put amateur videos on my site  was that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the technology. People are also afraid of video because it is intimidating to tape and watch yourself. It is, however, a wonderful educational tool and definitely worthwhile. If you aren’t confident in how you look, remember that a professional can make you look good. I wish I always looked like my make-up artist, hairdresser, and photographer make me look for my headshots, but I don’t and that’s why I hire the professionals!
  3. Besides the obvious footage of the speaker, what other elements can be included in the video to encourage event organizers to book you as a speaker?
    I recommend that my information expert and speaker clients include not only footage of themselves in their demo tape and online, but also a variety of headshots, screen shots and clips of TV appearances, your speakers’ bio, testimonials from meeting planners and audience members (on my feedback forms I always ask audience members if they have a testimonial and if I can use it with their name in my marketing), list of clients (companies) who have consented for you to list them as clients, and professional memberships, such as National Speaker’s Association.

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Streaming Your Business Networking Group

July 13, 2007

Business Networking and VideoIn case you are not familiar with networking groups, often termend leads groups; members meet for the primary purpose of sharing business leads with one another.  Organizations like BNI and the many breakfast clubs exist to help member businesses find more customers and clients.

I believe these leads groups can be even more effective if each group member has a short business overview video explaining the member-company’s core business, unique value proposition and target audience.  Making a video like this available to the membership from the group’s website makes members a more effective refferal force by simplifying the two most critical referral optimization tasks; providing detailed knowledge of member businesses and presenting a fucused undertanding of the customers that member businesses are looking for.

Periferally, the business profile videos can drive new businesses leads from prospects visiting the group’s website.  Finally the videos are an incentive for new members join and existing members to stay.

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My Video Won’t Work on YouTube!

July 5, 2007

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A good friend of mine, Joan Stewart – The Publicity Hound was presented with a problem by a member of her online community.  Below is a description of the problem:

“…I was sent a video that I’d like to use for my client. It was sent to me via a site called I downloaded the file but couldn’t open it. The error said I needed flash. I went to a site called and downloaded a piece of software from there which allowed me to open the video in Windows Media Player. The video file sits on my desktop. The properties of this file states it is a Flash Video File. I would now like to use this video on YouTube and some of the social sites we discussed in class. Do you know how I can upload this video to the social sites? The requirements seem to be that WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG files are accepted. My file is flash video file (I don’t see an extension I can give you.) Thanks.”

There are several ways to approach this problem.  The first and cleanest solution is to share the file on a social video site that accepts flash video like BlipTV.  The advantages of this approach are simplicity, no file conversion; and video quality, no need to re-compress (convert) a file that is already compressed in the Flash format.  It bothers me that some of the more popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Google Video deliver their videos in the Flash format but don’t allow you to upload this file type.

If using YouTube is a must, the file will have to be converted to a format that YouTube accepts.  Doing this will require the use of the third party video conversion utility.  The downside of this option is the video quality will degrade one generation because the conversion process will compress a file that has already been compressed in the Flash format. Keeping the explaination simple, re-conversion is a bit like making xerox copies of copies, where each subsequent copy degrades in quality.

Below are several converstion utilities that will do the job:

  1. Riva FLV Encoder
  2. Total Video Converter
  3. Media Convert

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