City Councilman Does Multimedia Right


Anthony Foxx CampaignAnthony Foxx Campaign

Anthony Foxx Campaign

On June 5th, 2007 my crew and I had the pleasure of providing multimedia production support for the Charlotte City Council campaign kickoff event for At-Large candidate Anthony Foxx. This event is worth mentioning because Mr. Foxx is a politician who truly understands how to leverage the power of multimedia to drive home a political message. Further, Mr. Foxx’s strategy can be a successful strategy for businesses and non-profit organizations.To start Councilman Foxx commissioned the creation of a mixed media montage that really helped to set the event’s emotional tone.

The video montage was designed to help Counclman Foxx emotionally connect with his constituents and financial supporters. Second Councilman Foxx hired top teir talent in jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis and his quartet to perform. In addition, Mr. Foxx had the presence of mind to have our video crew capture a candid interview with Mr. Marsalis for future marketing use.

I have no scientific support for my statement but from what I have heard about other City Council kickoffs I would say that of all the candidates, Anthony Foxx made the strongest connection with voters.

Watch the Foxx Multimedia Montage below:

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5 Responses to “City Councilman Does Multimedia Right”

  1. Felicia Watlington Says:


  2. Owen Lawson Says:

    The technology continues to deliver meaningful application throughout our daily lives. This is an awesome example of innovation leveraged to provide meaningful differentiation.

    Another Home Run by Eastonsweb and the councilman.

  3. John Easton Says:


    Thank you both for reading the post and taking your time to contribute comments. It is my hope to continue delivering content that helps my clients and people like yourselves.



  4. Commemorate Well to Make Your Events POP! « The Eastonsweb Multimedia Blog Says:

    […] City Councilman Does Multimedia Right […]

  5. Susan Woods Says:

    John, this is an excellent example of your work! I am truly impressed. Keep it up.

    Susan Woods, Founder & President
    Panorama Computer Learning, Inc.

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